Living medicine by understanding cancer

Living medicine by understanding cancer

Living medicine by understanding cancer

I recently have had surgery for breast cancer and I said to the doctors, nurses and radiologists “I understand and bless this cancer because I know that it is a healing.”

This is the level of truth I know and live and comes from an understanding of how our bodies really work. I know that any pain, illness, disease and even cancer are ways that our body heals itself from what is not loving behaviour, it is offering us a great reflection and an opportunity to make true changes if we accept it and don’t fight it.

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We are our own medicine

Conventional medicine plays a great role in addressing the symptoms. Our responsibility is to change the way we have been living that led to the symptoms in the first place.

Healing comes from the energy of love; it is by allowing this energy to flow that the body can release what is not love. What is not love can be shown to us through pain, illness and disease to alert us to stop and to come back to the love of our body and self. In simple terms this is how we truly heal, by not resisting or fighting our body’s natural energy. We are to feel our body and let the energy of love flow through us as we move.

The universe is comprised of energy and that energy flows in the most amazing ways. We are all energetic beings; everything is composed of energy and energy makes us who we are.

There are two types of energy to choose from and that choice determines how we are energetically impulsed or inclined to live our lives. Energy is either the direct impulse from God (what is), or it comes from all that resists that divine impulse (what is not) playing to an aspect of us that separated from our divineness and is known as the human spirit (what is not). The energy of God is throughout every cell in our body and supports our healing, while the other energy we allow in through our disconnection from the innate truth of who we are and is where our problems and issues stem from.

Life is meant to be simple and harmonious; to be lived by loving ourselves and then seeing that same love in everyone.

‘Love is the glue that holds us all together’ because love is God’s energy which is like gravity that magnetically holds us and connects us whether we know and understand this or not. Love is what our body is made of and is what heals us. When we understand and live this way we cannot fight our body or fight our illnesses, but love these opportunities for healing.

We can re-connect to our innate truth that has been always there for all of us when we are ready to allow and accept it. This knowing is the Ageless Wisdom and it is held naturally in the inner-heart of every man, woman and child. Each of us has a unique expression and this is why we are all here to be a reflection of the love and light of God that is inside us all by living a way of life based on truth and love.

Everything matters and we all have an opportunity to start to live the life we are meant to live and that starts with understanding that whatever our ailments are, their purpose is designed to be surrendered to and not fought.

No one wins in a war and no one is winning in a war with cancer or any other disease. Can we start loving and understanding cancer and allow our natural and innate healing ability of our body to work for us instead of fighting it?

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  • By Susan Wilson, Dip. Professional Writing and Editing

    I love to inspire people and have found the way I do this is to live and express the truth of the love that I am and we all are equally so.

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