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There is much in the news lately about how our life choices affect our health and well-being and the impact that poor life choices are having on society via the cost to health services, work place absenteeism and lost productivity.

As the levels of illness and disease soar, the burden to treat and manage our health conditions is placing considerable strain economically and physically on our health care systems and those who work within them.[i]

Whilst it is a welcome step to look at the monetary cost of poor health that stems from how we live, no one seems to be asking what is the cost to the human being, the actual person who is making these choices?

  • If we take this a step further, are we willing to deeply consider why we as people are making unhealthy choices in the first place?

  • Do we stop to wonder why we would knowingly choose to live in a way that creates poor health?

  • Why do we choose to live fuelled by caffeine and sugar, taking the edge off our days or apparently rewarding ourselves with alcohol, staying up late at night watching TV or on the computer, over-eating, and generally not caring for our body through lack of exercise, etc?

Of course not everyone lives like this. There are those who exercise regularly, don’t drink or drink very little, eat well, get plenty of sleep and look after themselves and hence are physically fit. Yet even amongst this cross section of society people get sick, suffer from depression, develop cancer, become diabetic or die from heart attacks and so on.

But how can this be, as we are told that the key to good health and a long life is physical fitness?

Perhaps we need to consider that the key to health is not entirely about our physicality and or mental health, what we do to or with the body or the mind, but it is how we are with our body/mind – strictly speaking, the quality in which we approach what we do – that is equally, if not more important.

Living a healthy life or a life of good medicine is firstly about quality, the quality behind everything we do, say and think – that is, energetic quality.

"The quality of your energy field is founded upon your lifestyle, that is, all the choices that you make, will make, and all those you have made."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 248

Through understanding that life is our medicine we are offered a different way, where self-care, self-nurturing and being gentle with the body are part of the initial stepping-stones towards developing our inner connection and quality.

And thus it is not merely the physical activity or the foods that you eat that bring you health, as it is how you live and your level of self-connection that determined the quality of energy you hold. And it is the quality of your way of living that either brings you the sense of ease and vitality in your life or keeps you falling for the trap that you can exercise, eat or lifestyle-manage yourself to good health.

The purpose of living good medicine is not just to focus on the physical aspects alone, but it is to live a life that develops connection to a loving quality within, that then also impacts the way we look after our body.

"The livingness is our way to heal – the way we conduct the physical body through the day, in all that we do, is the greatest form of healing, or it can be the cause of all our harm."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 606

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