To heal is not the same as cure

In our modern day approach to health, we are seeking ‘cures’, i.e. we are looking for ‘the thing’ that will take away all of our symptoms so that we do not feel unwell. But to cure is not the same as to heal.

A cure will take away the symptoms, but it won’t deal with the underlying cause of the disease and this means that an imbalance will still remain in the body. If there is an imbalance in the body that remains unaddressed, it will continue to grow until it creates further physical distress and perhaps another disease elsewhere that will also need to find a ‘cure’.

In modern medicine, there are very few ‘cures’. There are none for the common cold; there are none for heart disease; there are none for cancer – with most cancer only remaining in remission once it has been treated, most certainly not cured.

A cure is an herb or a potion or even a medication or procedure, such as surgery, that takes away the physical, or in some cases the emotional symptoms. It is at best a temporary relief of discomfort.

Healing is far deeper than curing.

Have we given up on healing?

The word ‘healing’ has become associated with many practices of dubious benefit, often associated with crystals, feathers and perhaps some types of shamanic practices, and the word ‘healer’ conjures up perhaps the image of strange exotic men in colourful robes who smell of incense and chant instead of normal everyday talking.

But healing is none of those things.

Healing is simply something that we do every day. Healing occurs when we identify and get the absolute root cause of what is going on. Once the absolute root cause has been identified and rooted out (cleared from the body) then it is possible to truly heal the condition. Without understanding and healing and resolving the root cause of any condition, it is only possible to gain temporary relief from our symptoms, and instead it leaves the body in disharmony until the ill has been truly identified and healed.

Healing is discarding that which is not true for and disharmonious to the body and part of the healing may well be via the way of an illness or disease itself. So in this instance, healing does not mean to be free of symptoms or an ill condition, but to be clear of what energetically created it. Healing lies in realisation – which is where we are able to nominate what is there, what has lead to it and renounce what we no longer ‘need’ and what is not true.

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What is healing?

Healing is not about curing or removing symptoms and nobody can heal you. It is about you being open to letting go of what does not belong to you.

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