Make the connection that life is medicine and can be good or bad.

"If one understands the real meaning and purpose of human life, then one will know that – ‘medicine is life itself’ just as ‘life itself is medicine’. Under, and with that understanding, one will comprehend with ease the fact that – all one does in human life, is either ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’, and, there is no middle ground."

Serge Benhayon

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Using your body as a vehicle of expression

How we live and use our bodies has a big effect on us and others. This level of responsibility and honesty can be confronting – but it would also make for a more harmonious society.

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  • Photography: Dean Whitling, Brisbane based photographer and film maker of 13 years.

    Dean shoots photos and videos for corporate portraits, architecture, products, events, marketing material, advertising & website content. Dean's philosophy - create photos and videos that have magic about them.