What IS Medicine

When we think about medicine, what often springs to mind is doctors in white coats, hospitals, prescriptions, medications and treatments or operations that are there to help us when we don’t feel well, get injured or have an illness or disease.

But is medicine what we think it is?

Modern medicine has made great advancements in recent times and we now know more about health, the body, and illness and disease than ever before.

Yet despite the best medicine the world has to offer, we continue to have escalating rates of illness and disease with diabetes, heart disease, cancers and mental health issues, etc, at epidemic proportions. This is clearly showing that something must be missing…

Many of our current day health issues are related to our lifestyle and as such, our health and wellbeing depend on:

  • How we live
  • The many choices we make
  • Things that we do every day
  • Our inner quality

Simply put, the way we live either supports us
to be healthy and well … or it does not.

We know that things like alcohol, sugar, lack of exercise, poor sleep and overeating are bad for us. But if we take it deeper, we can start to understand that literally everything in life – from our emotions, our relationship with ourselves, our body and others – affects us in either a positive or a negative way.

How we are with ourselves and the way that we live each day – that is, our “Livingness” – has the power to be a type of medicine… a medicine that is determined by the quality of what we live.

Our body has an innate ability to heal. It knows instinctively what it needs to be harmonious and healthy… yet do we listen to it?

Through the ages true medicine has always been about healing. The word ‘Medicine’, which comes from the Latin, ‘ars medicina’, actually means The Art of Healing.

Healing and our ability to heal is what keeps us in and/or returns us to good health. The process of healing is something we actually do for ourselves through the connection to our inner quality that we then carry into our daily life, a fact that has been known and shared by the Ageless Wisdom throughout the ages.

What then, if medicine is something that we can offer to ourselves through:

  • The way we treat our body
  • The choices that we make
  • The way we are in life
  • The quality that we live…

… and is not solely the medical system, as we perceive it to be?

Medicine is everything that we live,
how we are physically, emotionally and energetically.

Thus it can be said that life itself is medicine.

With this in mind…

  • Are we choosing to live true medicine, where we live in a way that is healing and harmonious and with deep respect for our body?
  • Or have we forgotten how to connect to our body and who we are inside, and thus are we inadvertently harming ourselves by living a medicine that is not true to who we are?

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  • By Dr Rachel Hall, Dentist

    Dentist, business owner, writer, author and presenter. Family woman, guitarist, photographer, passionate about health, wellbeing and community. Lover of Vietnamese food, fast cars, social media, café culture and people.

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