End of Life

If this was the last day of your life – if you were told you had no more time, and this was it, how would you feel?

Would you reflect back on your life, today, and prior, and say – “Yes, I feel complete. I feel amazing in myself and you know what, I'm ready to go”. Or would you feel something less? Something missing?

Would you regret perhaps that your connections with others had not been as deep as they could have been? Have you settled for superficial relationships, conversations that do not really mean anything but simply 'fill in time'? Have you made your life about tasks and all the 'doing' in life?

Faced with your potentially last day in this body, how would you feel? Would you realise that you actually yearn for something so much more than this? Or would you sit very much at ease in your own skin and say, “I feel great – I feel complete, I feel full”?

If the latter sounds good to you, as in something you would want, then how do we get to feel like that?

What if life is not about tasks, succeeding, getting somewhere, being smart? Would this change the way we live?

For a start, imagine if our life was all about people – if we stopped the focus on all the doing, and focussed on the quality of what we offered to all.

What if we let down our barriers, our guards, and truly let people in – let them see the tender loving beings we truly are – with no defence, no protection. How would that actually feel?

Is it possible that deep, true relationships and connection with others is what we truly seek?

If we make life about people first, then the quality that we are with those people is every-thing.

If we made life about that first, then faced with your very last day in this body, wouldn't that feel different?

Life can become truly a vital, abundant and joyfully gorgeous experience when we make it about love first – and then death is a beautiful completion of that life lived and a great starting point for another life to come.