Debunking the myths about meditation

Debunking the Myths About Meditation

Debunking the myths about meditation

Meditation has always been very important.

There have been many, many interpretations of meditation and its use.

Its time to debunk the myths and restore meditation to its truth as a simple, practical and effective tool for re-connecting back to our innate inner-presence and thus to our natural vitality and ability to deal with life.

Meditation is not good for you just because that is how it is labelled. It can be very harming if it is done or delivered for the wrong purpose or with the wrong intention.

  • Meditation does not need hours of practice to make it effective.
  • It does not require specific or possibly painful positioning of the body.
  • Emptying the mind is not the aim of meditation – it is about bringing focus with the mind to what the body is doing.
  • Meditation is not about escape, distraction, nor achieving bliss, answers, visions, enlightenment or anything else.
  • Meditation does not heal.
  • True meditation is not mystical or spiritual, it is practical, ordinary and mechanical - a valuable re-connecting tool that anyone can use.

Meditation can be done seated or lying down ... and in fact 5 to 15 minutes maximum is all that is needed to develop the quality of gentleness and restore the connection to stillness and harmony within.

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Many forms of meditation

Meditation can be done in many ways not just sitting. The key is to build a connection to a quality of stillness within you and take that into everything you do.

If we hold the quality that we reconnect to when practising the Gentle Breath Meditation™ in our daily lives our activity becomes meditation. Walking, cooking, washing up, playing with the kids, shopping, laying bricks, writing an email, knitting and so on – can take on the quality of meditation.

True meditation gives us a marker, a point of return to a quality that we are responsible for activating, one that we can then apply to life. Read more here.

What true meditation does require is the energetic integrity of its intention.

The Gentle Breath Meditation is founded with this energetic quality. You will find many free meditations and a lot more information on these pages. Visit the Universal Medicine meditation page for a deeper understanding on the subject of meditation.

" Meditation is not about escaping. It is about re-connecting and thus, it is about being with you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 509

Learn more about the Gentle Breath Meditation's founder Serge Benhayon.

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