Mindfulness: it’s not the holy grail of awareness

Mindfulness: It’s not the holy grail of awareness

Mindfulness: it’s not the holy grail of awareness

The mind is a powerful tool – there is no doubt about it. With our thoughts we manage our activity and thus the lives that this activity delivers us, or in other words we manage the state that we live in. We live largely with the belief that the mind is the source of power behind our actions.

There are many techniques that focus strongly on managing the mind - mindfulness, visualisation, re-programming, de-programming, hypnotism, emptying the mind, NLP and more. The mindfulness movement is gaining traction as a means to having a better quality of life, a way to have more control over ones thoughts or to have greater awareness. On examining mindfulness and focussing thoughts, it is worth going a little deeper in understanding the mind and the way it works, and to consider just what it is our minds are full of.

How is it that we seemingly can have such control over our body and its activity through our thoughts – and yet our bodies (not to mention global health statistics and buckling medical systems) unfailingly display the results of exactly what they have been driven to ‘do’, to consume and to bear?

  • How do thoughts get into my mind in the first place?
  • What is the source of these thoughts, or what gives me the energy to think?
  • What comes first - thought or action?
  • How do I really free myself from those unwanted or ‘un-healthy’ thought patterns?

These questions suggest that something has been left out of this equation of the apparently all powerful mind – a missing link or a vital element that lies somewhere other than in the mind itself. Trying to manage the mind with the mind is like being on an endless torturous merry-go-round!

So what is missing?

What's missing is the factor of energy (and thus energetic quality) …. an all important element that in fact determines the way in which we think, make decisions, act and ultimately live.

It would serve us to be very much aware that the quality in which we choose to live and breathe, determines the well-being of both our mind and body … and as such warrants a great deal more attention than the act of mindfulness alone.

The mind works as a transmitter and does not create energy, our minds are driven by energy exactly as our bodies are and everything that makes up life is. Managing the mind without first discerning and determining the quality of our energetic state of being (with at least honesty, if not with truth) – leaves us way short of real freedom within ourselves. Is it possible that mindfulness – without the consideration of quality of energy – at best manages the state that we are already in, and at worst supports the ability to do many things that are in fact totally harmful to the body we are walking around in?

"We need to develop a body that stays present with itself – this means to live a life that is lived in-sync to where the body is at – at all times."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 92

With this in mind it is worth contemplating that true awareness lies not in the ability to manage our actions and our lives with our minds, but in understanding and determining the quality of energy that produces them both through developing the relationship with our body.

Conscious presence, having the mind and body aligned in union together, is the key factor in developing our inner-most connection, and from there real presence, increasing awareness and the ability to determine the quality of our thoughts and our lives!

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