Sounds of Soul – album review

Sounds of Soul release their debut album

Sounds of Soul – album review

Are you seriously ready to get your groove on? Because Sounds of Soul – the powerful constellation of Melbourne musicians Tina Kopa and Catherine Wood – have landed with their self-titled debut album in all its funky, silky and sassy glory.

The album brings a depth of quality rarely experienced in music and playfully explores the human condition, offering us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves and see through the craziness of life.

There is a strong thread of sisterhood on this record that can be felt in the intimacy in Tina’s voice, giving you the feeling that she could be talking directly to you. Songs such as Hold Myself, Bringing Sexy Back and So Lovely are worthy of becoming daily rituals for women (and men) the world over as they hold you in a deep groove that allows you to sink into your body and will have you moving around the house or driving the car in a particularly powerful and silky way. Self-loving medicine for anyone.

The opening track, ‘So Lovely’ was written about super inspiring friend, founder and director of Esoteric Women’s Health, Natalie Behayon, who exudes the qualities of deep love, authority and power, and is an anthemic appreciation session for every woman, and supportive for all.

These qualities are echoed throughout the album, especially in Bringing Sexy Back – an absolutely delicious treat that reclaims the word ‘sexy’ by bringing the awareness that sexiness is not about being sexy for someone else, but actually about a gorgeous inner connection a woman can have with herself and share with the world “Got a body feel me moving we’re not holding back, feel the volume sayin’ yes I’m hot and that’s a fact.

Throughout, Tina and Catherine’s vocals are smooth, close, steady and solid, allowing listeners the space to let go and feel our own steadiness and get a bit intimate with ourselves: this is evident in the gorgeous Hold Myself and Angel’s Song.

If you have ever been a little bit confused about love and it’s many guises, listening to ‘Truth About Love’ will be very satisfying indeed with its spoken word verse, then a super catchy chorus that playfully deconstructs the word love and our use of it, to describe many human behaviours that are . . . not so loving at all! And yes, it offers the ‘truth about love’.

Last but by no means least is Ode To Purple (Bustin’ Out), an ode to the purple man himself – Prince – with its funky staccato keyboard lines reminiscent of 1980’s Sheila E. The song talks about how the rigours of life can leave us unrecognizable to ourselves – “Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s on there, who’s that staring at you?” And offers how we can always choose to see through the mess and start ‘bustin’ out’ of it.

With all tracks written and performed by this dynamic duo – with the exception of ‘Something To Say’, co-written and joined on the recording by musician Simon Asquith, masterfully produced by Catherine Wood and gorgeously mixed and mastered by Benjamin Hurt, the album is a super funky, sexy joy to experience, as well as offering much deep reflection and evolution for all.

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