Heaven’s Joy – ‘Under the Stars’ album review

Heaven’s Joy – ‘Under the Stars’ Album Review

Heaven’s Joy – ‘Under the Stars’ album review

Sitting on a plane on an intercontinental night flight, right over Kabul I am listening to the new album “Under the Stars” by the German trio “Heaven´s Joy”.

The opening track begins with a tabla rhythm overlaid with the beautiful and smooth voice of singer and composer Andrea Leonhardi – who also wrote all the lyrics. As she joins in singing the words ‘under the skies’ I feel inspired to arise and connect to the stars, ‘married with the universe’.

Introduced by a light guitar-pattern played by the highly accomplished Urs Fuchs, the second song brings to sound the grace of true love as a divine expression in brother and sisterhood, giving a feeling of the power of togetherness.

Drummer Chris Krämer draws us into ‘Icebreaker’ with stable and steady brush-moves, and when joined by a playful bass develops a swinging chorus. Andrea expresses deep tenderness as she sings about a pathfinder whom she follows on his way – a new way, which is to walk and to be prepared for all that may be encountered. She makes this seem so easy and I feel very much inspired to give it a go and “Turn the light on, ignite our fiery flame”.

Preciousness and sacredness, as reflected equally by women and men, is the theme of the next track. With the rhythm of the heartbeat of all of us, we are called back into our all. These words are underpinned and enriched by a vibrant alto saxophone solo, played beautifully by Andrea herself.

Following this is the playful up-tempo song ‘Across the River’, again reflecting the abilities of multi-instrumentalist Urs Fuchs, who in addition to his vital and brilliant musical contributions is also responsible for the recording, mixing and production. Enriched by an inspiring chorus and a surprising bridge, I am transported into a groovy flow which calls me to “cross the river”; unleashed by the sound, welcomed with open arms, appreciated for the treasures I bring . . . a fitting allegory while I am crossing the land of the two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris.

New colour is emerging. A song in the German language is introduced with a slow piano, double bass and descending drums. Andrea, with her strong voice – she also sings the background vocals – is leading us into a search for truth, claiming that everything we are looking for is already there, and confirming the Glory that lies within us all.

As I feel the changes in rhythm, speed and harmony of this song collection, Chris´ strong groove-based intro into ‘Starlight’ continues to provide this variety. We confirm the starlight here on earth Andrea is telling me. Yet again I feel inspired, held and guided – all the while on the plane, in the sky, suspended between heaven and earth, as Andrea´s brilliant and powerful sax sound illuminates her words – until it gradually fades out, leaving us with Andrea´s and Urs´ voices… "look and feel and you will see, this love is a star".

The second song in German talks about our common source, seeing heaven in each other, inviting us to not leave this feeling. After another soaring saxophone solo it ends with beautiful voices in the background, sounding as if they come directly from eternity as we walk the path of life together.

A Motown-inspired bass and drum groove leads into ‘Changing’. Andrea tells of the power of love – a love that ‘’will change our way”. Her piano impulses the picture and the feeling of sweet, glistening raindrops.

The penultimate track, ‘Heavenly’, is a tender love song: a beautiful smile and inspiring eyes, living in harmony… a feeling of touching the stars when we experience the reflection and intimate touch of another – "Do you know how heavenly it is to be with you?"

Curious as to how this great album will end, my ears are greeted by the sound of intimate piano chords as a slow romantic intro leads to the search, the journey, and return to myself, to my innermost . . . this is an English version of the first German song on this new album. A perfect completion . . . a true evolution to the forever sacredness that is deep within. Thank you.

As our plane arcs westward, carrying us on our way back home, I experience a strong feeling I am ‘already there’ from this profound album’s point of view . . . supported, accompanied on this beautiful journey of life.

Leaning back, closing my eyes, I surrender deeper into what is offered here. ‘Already there’ … ‘Under The Stars’!

Listen now at www.heavensjoyfullmusic.com

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  • By Miike Keppler, Business Trainer and Coach; CEO of the Akademie für Coaching, Gesundheit und Führung GmbH

    After working as professional musician, recording artist and engineer for 25 years I am delivering my abilities and competences since 1999 in business and life coaching, leadership training and professional education.