Deborah Savran

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Deborah Savran understands the making of music as a sincere expression of what is true and beautiful within her own heart, body and soul. A student of the new genre of ‘let’s feel our body music’, Deborah is deeply committed to performance art that is first and foremost about expressing our inner connection with the ‘amazing’ we all equally are.

Deborah's compelling, distinctive voice is sincere and present, and full of nourishment and wisdom. Her musical style is influenced by the music she grew up around and has studied – an eclectic mix of classic 60s and 70s rock and folk music, Middle Eastern melodies, Indian carnatic singing, and Broadway musical theatre. Deborah began studying music at age 4 and never stopped. In 1993 she taught herself to play guitar and began writing songs while she was in the Minneapolis-based duo 'The Dolly Llamas'.

A passport holder in three countries and a citizen of a world with no true boundaries, Deborah's travels and roaming gypsy inclinations brought her to live in Australia where she was introduced to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. This life changing experience showed, and continues to show her, the way ‘home’ – both musically and personally.

Her 2016 debut album, 'Let My Heart Lead The Way' is a collection of songs by the extraordinarily talented Australian composer Michael Benhayon. The quality of these recordings is not only about being beautiful to listen to with our ears, and meaningful to understanding the message of the lyrics, but also felt in the energetic quality of the songs and the recording of them, which always must come back to the quality of how the artist is choosing to live day-to-day.

Superbly produced by Matt Fink (Prince and the Revolution) at StarVu Studios, ‘Let My Heart Lead The Way’ is the collaboration of exquisite talent between Fink, Savran, and all the gifted musicians featured. The songs offer the listener the reflection of our interconnectedness as human beings, and the magnificence of simply being who we are.

By day, Deborah works in the healing arts as a Naturopath and practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies. Both her work as a musician and in the healing arts is inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd