Michael Benhayon – GM Records

Michael Benhayon – GM Records

Michael Benhayon writes, plays and produces music that is both timeless and contemporary. He is the founder and lead artist of GM Records and his commitment and dedication has allowed for the vast range that has been produced by GM Records to date.

An amazing self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician, producing music covering many genres and styles, Michael has already written and produced over 100 songs since beginning his official musical career in 2011. His extraordinary musical talents and deep connection to the music, the instruments and people, bring the music to life by giving each song its own unique story. Each song provides a powerful and inspiring message, a potential for growth and healing, and many songs are dedicated to, written for or inspired by those around him.

Michael Benhayon performs both nationally and internationally and has established for himself a dedicated and loyal following of people who are deeply touched by him and his work. Michael also collaborates with vocal artists and other musicians to produce quality music of all styles – music that changes the current face of the music industry today with its definitive quality and clarity.

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