The face of Sacredness

Sacredness is in the Stillness, the repose before the motion, the She aspect. Sacredness is the deepening union with the divinity that lives within every single person, woman and man, but is held within the form of the woman as the face of Sacredness on earth.

When a woman is responsive to her innate rhythms and cycles she naturally exudes Sacredness. By virtue of listening to her body and following its delicate sensitivities, a woman is with the ever-deepening well of Sacredness. In this her movements speak louder than any words, and every step she takes, every move she makes flows with the essence of Sacredness, naturally reflecting a spaciousness that is the All that She is and everything that we truly are.

There is nothing more beautiful, divinely authoritative, and rich as a woman in her Sacredness – she is a leading light in every way. And every woman holds this precious essence in spades: we only need take a few steps back from us in existence, our lives run by rote, to begin to feel the immense capacity we have for delicateness and observe what keeps us away from expressing this most natural aspect of ourselves. Do we have a picture of what Sacredness is? Or do we think that it is beyond us, as we are ‘only human’ and we have been taught from dot that we are not worthy? Well, how far from the truth that is. We are far more than just a functional human body and our worth can never be measured by creation’s rule of thumb. We are divine beyond measure and Sacredness is our natural way.

The way the word Sacredness has been bandied about for eons gives a sense of its potency. Completely re-interpreted, veiled in the hands of most religions to place it as far away as possible from the reach of the many, Sacredness became an icon, revered, a holier than thou precinct owned solely by those who donned the robes of religious sacristy, the untouchables, residing in an office that they deem can never be questioned. And centuries later spirituality took a new form – the New Age may have changed the garments and the incense, but not the ownership and repression. And so re-interpreted sacredness becomes a currency to be bought, sold and controlled by those who do not want a flicker of true restoration to light the way in the world.

Sacredness is the great restorer of true movement and flow, and our ultimate re-union with all that we innately are.

Sacredness is in neither robes nor monuments, it cannot be owned by one, nor bestowed upon one. It is a basic birth right that when connected to brings forth all at once, an innate loveliness, natural wisdom, unquestionable authority, ease of flow and way of being that disturbs not a hair in its movement. Sacredness is a deepening quality, an inner movement, not an attained goal or heightened experience that we drum up outside of ourselves. And our sacred point is an evolutionary point, our next caring move that we embody and live, to never turn back from.

The beauty about Sacredness is its absolute practicality. In the honouring of what it means to be a woman, taking care of every aspect of what we most naturally are, we live our next sacred point. And the deepening continues. The depths of Sacredness do not stop. Our body is the carrier, the vessel through which the pure essence of Sacredness flows.

The pure joy in the way we dress, the colours we choose, the way our fingertips touch our cheek with face-cream, the delicacy of the movement of our body all the way to our fingertips in our daily work – whatever work that may be – brings an appreciation and confirmation that takes us to the next level of our nurturing holiness, a deepening union, a forever inward movement; never to be found outside ourselves, for when we look outside this is where we give ourselves away to that which is the antithesis of Sacred.

"A woman in Sacredness knows that every curve of her body is an angle from Heaven that only she can reflect."

Natalie Benhayon Women in Livingness, 2018

There is no mystery in Sacredness. But why has it been held as such? And why has Sacredness been so brutalised? Protected by the church and false religiosity over the centuries, they attempted to obliterate the face of true Sacredness on earth: they raped, tortured and murdered, they burned women as ‘witches’, ripping at wombs and breasts with tools especially forged to do the job, denigrating her in the most horrific ways to make sure she will never look to Sacredness again. And in modern times they take a different tack – make her driven, hard, competitive, exhausted, and champion resilience so that she deems Sacredness as a weakness and she always looks sideways in comparison, never to her true magnificence within. And so the reflection of Sacredness is kept under wraps to never see the light of day, until all options exhausted, we come to realise the travesty we have in some way been a part of.

Why is Sacredness so feared? Heaven forbid if we ever begin to feel the pulse of divinity through our body and know that is our true nature – we may realise the essence of true equality, our Divine Oneness, that we can live in and with this most exquisite union, that no ‘one’ owns the way; we may realise that the world we live in does not hold an evolutionary key of any description. And we may realise that living who we truly are is all we are required to do.

So whatever job you do, office you hold, wherever you are in the world, know that Sacredness is within you; that your next Sacred point is in the deepening union with the essence that you already hold within and that never ever, ever leaves you, no matter what has been done to you, or whatever you think you have done to yourself. Sacredness is sacrosanct in the truest, purest, deepest sense. Embracing Sacredness is your deepest joy, the union with God and Divinity that is yours always, and only ever embodied in Grace for the All.

"Sacredness is all about the whole expressing as a whole and never less. But what is the whole?

The preciousness you are. And the preciousness you are is that which breathed you forth."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness Volume III, ed 1, p 10

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter

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