Loveliness – just words or a way of being?

Loveliness – just words or a way of being?

Do we truly appreciate the potency and delicacy of our loveliness? Does loveliness even get a tick of appreciation in the what’s trending box these days? In the world arena where glamour and body modelling box their way to the top, you might say that loveliness scores way down on the ‘must have’ chart. But far more than a trend, a look, a calculated gesture or same-same recipe for appearance – you simply cannot compare the loveliness of you with another, or anything else in this world for that matter… your loveliness emanates, gorgeous and fashion free in its true expression.

If we all began the day appreciating our absolutely most divine, unique, no-one-else-in-the-world-can-bring Loveliness, would the world become a different place? Yes, most definitely, because when we connect with the unique qualities we bring, with no desired pictures of how we think it should be, we realise the depths of beauty we all already are and the inspiration we can be for each other.

We are so used to, in fact most of us are trained from day one, to look outside of ourselves to confirm, to seek the ‘okay’ for the way we look, indeed for our very existence. But our natural exquisite unique beauty is already there to be adored. It is grace, sass, spunk and sexiness expressed in the true beauty of us in all shapes and sizes. Dare to adore your loveliness!

Celebrate your loveliness, show it, share it and what occurs is nothing short of magical. Thoughts of comparison and self-doubt can’t enter this realm. Here, the whirlwind of sabotaging thoughts that bombard us are revealed for what they are … a never-ending story to ‘better’ ourselves, to compare and strive. How utterly debilitating and decimating this is to everything we naturally are. But let’s face it, the world is full of shiny pictures designed to keep us at the whim of fashionistic forces that say ‘you can never, ever be enough’.

How do we begin to honour our true worth, the true depths we ultimately are within? It can’t come from a push or need, as that is the same self-punishing mental exercise the outside world is asking us to perform. It comes very simply from a deepening surrender to stillness and the delicacy of movement that our body is truly and consistently asking for.

As you place your foot on the floor and take your first steps of the day, can you feel the warmth of your loveliness within? As you dress, catch your reflection in the mirror, can you feel the delicacy of touch and tenderness in the flow in your movements? And yes, Loveliness has sass and sexiness! Look deeper into your eyes and connect with the true beauty of you. The love and care exuding from your body says there is no measure to your worth, only deeper realms of Sacredness on offer. Observing life from this place reveals what does not resonate with the new marker that can be felt in your body. All the traits and behaviours devoid of love that we become so accustomed to and accept as normal feel like intruders in our body compared to this beautiful deepening connection. And we can sense to a greater part the disturbance, manipulation, harshness and hardness around us. Every lie of life is there to be seen if we let ourselves see it, revealed by the simplicity of observation from the flow of stillness we are at-one with.

What happens when we begin the day inspired and something pushes our buttons or we feel reactive or hurt by a situation? Do we tend to let go of our stillness and clarity as the day wears on? Do we let life chip away at us when the truth of the reveal seems too much and we sense all is not well around us? Do we go back into drive and strive in the overwhelm of ‘there seems to be just too much to do’? Do we clock the jealousy that comes from others in reaction to the lightness of being we bring? You can feel the lie behind the smile that by all visual accounts is saying “hello, good morning”, but every cell of your body knows differently… you can feel the energy behind the words. The temptation to retreat or retort is huge. But it is in moments like these that we don't step back nor do we defend, we simply stay connected to the essence within our body that says “I know Love and this is not Love”. All I have to do is observe and allow space. I am not moved by my reactions or emotions, I respond from the wisdom of my inner essence, my body’s intelligence.

Adoring our loveliness, we live the absolute preciousness that we innately are and instil into to our daily movements a depth of care and detail that accelerates unparalleled richness. As we deepen we bring to our homes, workplaces, cities and the very streets we walk down the undeniable authority of Sacredness, a quality that moves mountains, can crack the toughest nut, and holds the detail of Universal flow within its every move.

In a world that shamelessly pits us against each other from the moment we arrive on its doorstep, we can turn the tide. We can be All that we naturally are and allow the rest to reveal itself for what it ultimately is. Do we want to be a part of the lie that circulates, strategizes and calculates everything in its path – everything that keeps us individual and disconnected and in fear, competition and protection? We are not an island. We are a humanity that is connected and interconnected and everything we do affects everything and every one of us, regardless of what we think we can get away with – nothing escapes this fact. Nothing.

Take the space. From your first steps of the day, the way you dress, shower, move, before you do anything know your loveliness first … and take yourself to bed with your loveliness at night. It is amazing what can come from the simplicity of appreciating Loveliness. We are returning to the Sacred Truth of who we are, how we can be together and why we are at all, all here.

"Your daily deeds and chores do not add up to your worthiness, for the loveliness was there at the birth of the day."

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 539

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter

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