Could the answer to true empowerment for women be as simple as increasing self-awareness?

World-renowned women’s health presenter Natalie Benhayon unlocks the key to true empowerment for women.

Could the answer to true empowerment for women be as simple as increasing self-awareness?

Globally renowned women’s health advocate and Esoteric Women’s Health founder, Natalie Benhayon thinks it could, and will present on this topic to 100+ women in Brisbane on July 30. 

According to “Defining Empowerment & Gathering the Data: First-Ever Global Survey on Women’s Empowerment”, a staggering 46% of survey respondents cited ‘self-awareness’ and ‘knowing who you are’[1] above both experience and education as the key determining factor in their feeling empowered.  

With this pivotal feedback from women, could it be time to rethink our strategy of primarily education-focused funding for young girls and women, and instead turn more to parenting and workshops, programs and support groups that foster women to know who they truly are?   

Presenter Natalie Benhayon said, “To be truly empowered is to first know who you are, which is not defined by your skills, talents, career or relationship status but by the true essence within.” 

“This workshop will discuss just how important it is to have a strong sense of self as a human being – not just a human doing – and how not fostering this connection can adversely affect every part of a woman’s life,” Benhayon said. 

Well known Brisbane complementary health practitioner and Brisbane Esoteric Women’s Health committee member Jennifer Ellis says, “I am finding more and more with my consultations with women at clinic (UniMed Brisbane) that women want to feel they are more than just the roles they play within their families, workplaces and community.”  

"Part of being more than just a role is having a strong sense of who they are as a person and connecting to this has a profound impact on their wellbeing," Ellis said.

The Women in Livingness Wellbeing and Empowerment Workshop is open to women and young girls aged over 13 years, and is an initiative of Esoteric Women’s Health.

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