Personal reflection – Living in a Rhythm

Personal Reflection - Living in a Rhythm

Personal reflection – Living in a Rhythm

If someone had asked me a few years ago what living in or with rhythm had meant, I probably would have said something to do with music or a beat – but really would have had no clue. Over the past 4 years especially I have been reconnecting with what it feels like to live life from my rhythm, and what that actually means.

Rhythm to me feels like a movement, a movement that takes me from A to B to C in my day in a flow that feels natural and still whilst completing the obvious tasks. I see that every movement has a rhythm that can be from my innate stillness or not. Each of these movements, like the way I brush my hair or walk up the stairs, then form larger movements that make up the parts of my day.

I have come to realise that no one part of my day can be isolated or separated, and how I am in one moment will affect all the ones thereafter. Therefore if I am not living with my innate stillness then anything else like anxiety, anger, frustration or sadness can come in and run the show thereafter. I know the difference now of how this feels in my body so reconnecting to my sense of stillness is always key if something feels off track.

Living in rhythm, also means living with the grander rhythms that are at play around us. One such rhythm is the day/night cycle. The changes I have made to the way I live my life, and how I now feel by virtue of this has been profound. My rhythm requires that I respect the needs of my body; being quite active during the day, to winding down in the evening and then moving into bed to prepare for the next day ahead. I am now able to avoid so much of the exhaustion I used to feel simply due to the fact that I am able to respect what my body needs at different times of the day, and therefore it does not get drained by me trying to do too much, or even too little at certain times.

The quality of my sleep has improved vastly. I used to rush to try to get to bed early – which I now know is counter-intuitive at the highest level! I also used to procrastinate going to bed, even when my body is very ready for sleep. I have realised the harmful effect this has on my energy levels the next day, the resultant food/drink choices I might make and the flow on to productivity in my work. Living in accordance with my natural rhythm has really opened my eyes, and made me more dedicated to listening to my body above all.

All of this experience and increasing awareness about living in rhythm has come by virtue of the ongoing teaching and inspiration from Natalie Benhayon, Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom through Universal Medicine. The fullness I now experience in my everyday life is a testament to their wisdom and ongoing loving support.

  • By Dr Amelia Stephens, Medical Pracitioner

    I am a woman who also happens to be a doctor and love all aspects of supporting people with true health, wellbeing and developing harmonious lives. I strongly value family and community life.

  • Photography: Dean Whitling, Brisbane based photographer and film maker of 13 years.

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