Love is Love - life after the vote

Love is Love - life after the vote

Love is Love - life after the vote

Love is Love, we all know this deep within; so why do we have situations in life that oppose this ultimate truth?

Beliefs born out of a separative and divisive model of viewing life and people has led our societies to see ‘so-called’ minorities as being different and odd. When we de-construct these beliefs by bringing our review back to this ultimate truth, it is inconceivable to not feel the fact that we are all the same, and that our sole responsibility here in this life is to express our love equally for and to all.

Since the Marriage Equality vote has settled, what are Gay people really feeling and thinking?

Rebecca Asquith sat down with Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice who live and work together as a couple, to talk in-depth and get real about some things that just needed to be expressed on being Gay, now that there is more of an opportunity and openness to consider the truth about Love, Same-Sex Relationships, growing up Gay, Religion and homosexuality. What is discovered through this very intimate sharing is that Love is Love. This video, about life after the marriage equality vote, relates to everyone; as love is always there for each of us equally, without exception.

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  • By Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, Relationship Counsellors

  • By Rebecca Asquith, BA

    Internet professional, media educator, writer, producer and presenter Rebecca has a keen interest in the intersection between media & communication and our health & wellbeing.

  • Video: The Co-Creative