Serge Benhayon TV – Movement Over Matter

Serge Benhayon TV – Movement Over Matter

The phrase ‘mind over matter’ has been bandied around for centuries, but has the truth of ‘movement of matter’ ever been considered? Have we been moving in a way that shuts down our innate multi-dimensional intelligence, including our access to the awareness of pre-birth memories and Reincarnation – all that we could naturally have such easy access to?

In this rivetting episode, Adam Warburton smashes the commonly accepted concept of ‘mind over matter’ and Serge Benhayon accelerates us deeper into ‘the real science of communication in the Universe’, and the science of true body intelligence.

We can use the deep sensitivity of ‘whole body intelligence’ to open up to brotherhood, tenderness, delicateness and one-ness, rather than living in the brutal arena of a world in the movement of comparison, judgement, competition, greed, jealousy, abuse, violence and war. These we have accepted as our daily norm through the very misuse of the way we move.

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