Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – changing the way we understand life

'Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing the way we Understand life’

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – changing the way we understand life

I have no doubt that if all of us were honest, we would have to say that human life is working for very few of us. We have submitted ourselves to the ideal that life is as it is. In that ideal, we allow ourselves to stand back and compare ourselves to others, using this as the barometer by which we measure life.

We are forever torn between being grateful that our life is better than some, and jealous that it is not of the same ilk as that of others. If we are honest, however, we find that our life is not much better in truth than those we judge as less, and that those who we hold as doing better have cracks that suggest that their way is perhaps not the path to the promised land we once thought.

  • We find that the great sportsman does not really have true confidence, that he has not the humbleness nor aptitude for the rest of life that we desire him to have.
  • We find that the celebrity has a personal life full of complication.
  • The man with the perfect job, car, wife and family commits suicide with no apparent reason as to why.

I met Serge Benhayon back in 2007, and if I am honest about my life back then, there were some rather large cracks in my own life. From my perspective at the time, I felt slightly directionless, but I could not say my life was poor. I had a successful, relatively high paying job, lived in a great part of the world, had just met my future wife, and participated in life and my local community. On the other hand, I was nearly always exhausted, suffering mild depression, uncommitted to my job, directionless and always looking desperately forward to my next holiday.

The true extent to which I suffered from those ailments only became apparent to me in later years.

For the fact is that as human beings, we like to pretend that life is working. And why wouldn’t we, when the markers we use to make that assumption allow us to remain in the illusion that all is great?

By that I mean that often we use the normal life around us to define what is true. It is normal to need...

  • coffee
  • to wake up tired,
  • to have the Monday morning blues going to work
  • to crave holidays
  • to be discontent with our job
  • to crave a better life.

And as long as we are not depressed, or without a job, or have cancer, who are we to complain?

Yet this is perhaps our greatest ailment, the fact that we compare our state of being on a sliding scale using those we see around us as the pennyweight for our existence. The tragedy of this is whilst we remain in the comfort of our patterns, we miss out on the potential of the realisation that there is a way to live life that is based on simplicity and humbleness, that requires very little change on the outside, and yet offers us deeper connection, joy and vitality than our human existence would ever lead us to believe is possible.

It was this very realisation that has left me forever grateful to Serge Benhayon for the way he has influenced my life. Having said that, it would be a lie to say that Serge Benhayon changed my life, for no one can change your life for you.

I did that part.

But what Serge Benhayon did for me was to provide me with a different pennyweight with which I used to gauge all of life – and that pennyweight is the light of the Soul.

It is through Universal Medicine that I discovered that the existence of our Soul is something that can easily be felt.

  • It is a feeling that is easily discernible.
  • It comes from within.
  • It is expansive, embracing, fiery, all beholding
  • It is all of ours by natural right.

It is the true light of our origins, and the true light to which we are all destined to return.

Thank-you Serge Benhayon for refusing to submit to the litmus test that we all have used to gauge our life by – that of comparison, and that of familiarity.

Without your living inspiration, I would not perhaps have had the audacity to claim that which I have always known deep within was true. For the fact is that we are all impulsed to a greater way of being, and yet we all are complicit in ensuring that we stay stuck in the comfort of what life wants us to believe is normal.

Having said that, it only ever takes one to awaken another, one man or woman living a level of truth that we inherently know but do not think is possible to make us realise that we have so much more to live for, with, and by, and it all starts by connecting to that which is already within.

  • By Adam Warburton, Builder

    I am a builder and a husband. I do not profess to live a life of extremes, but subscribe to the virtue of simplicity, dealing with all the same daily challenges most of us face. I love my wife... my job, my family…oh, and the world.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd