Burnt-out ‘Healer’ and the Ageless Wisdom teachings

Burnt-out ‘Healer’ and the Ageless Wisdom teachings

Burnt-out ‘Healer’ and the Ageless Wisdom teachings

At the age of 35 and after 8 years working as a Naturopath, I found myself with a young son, feeling burnt out and disillusioned, and unable to consider going back to work in the profession due to my own ill health. I had arrived at a place where I had no idea how to ‘help people’ without getting drained and exhausted by the process myself.

I had been a very committed and successful practitioner, well respected amongst the integrative medical doctors I worked alongside, taking great care to provide the best service I could. This included, as it turns out, taking on the responsibility to provide everything I knew to support the patient. I gave a lot of myself, I was keen and very caring, had no trouble building rapport and always received great feedback. I was knowledgeable, personable, professional, very dedicated and lived what was considered an exemplary healthy lifestyle.

None of this stopped me feeling progressively more drained each day however.

And eventually, when my health was at an all-time low, I officially ‘retired’ myself from the profession with no idea what I would do next.

This is when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and had my first Sacred Esoteric Healing session.

The turnaround was so remarkable it was impossible to ignore or deny the immediate impact and efficacy. In no more than a few months I had completely turned around my current state of exhaustion and ill health. Later the same year, I attended my first workshop to train in the modality that had offered me such profound insight and turnaround.

It was here I learnt a very key principle of the Ageless Wisdom – and that is that I was in fact NOT the healer!

"The “esoteric healer” is not the healer, but part of the healing process – the true healer is the inner-self. Forget this not."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 263

I learnt that it is impossible to ‘heal another’, and that we can only heal ourselves. That neither the intention to heal nor presenting to someone ‘to be healed’ offers any potential for true healing.

The healing ‘principle’ is one that is within each of us, something to be re-ignited in another if you like, but not something that can be imposed on another. In that sense ‘I’ cannot heal ‘you’, nor you, me. I can however facilitate your healing, so long as I have healed myself sufficiently that I have a connection to the healing principle (energy) that is within me. By virtue of the fact that this healing principle is one and the same energy in every one of us, and is our truest essence, if I have a connection and what is referred to as a livingness of that essence in my day-to-day life, when I work on you, that same energy is engaged within you.

In other words, as I developed my ability to live connected with the essence of me, as an energetic state of being, I discovered what food supported me to remain connected, I learnt a whole new way of being in life, in relationships, with my family, but most importantly, I learnt how to be with patients and not take on responsibility for ‘healing them’. This was the greatest revelation and turning point, not just personally for all that it offered, but in my ability to resume work in the arena I loved, without paying the price.

For the first time I could conduct a session without feeling drained in any way.

Aside from the obvious flow-on benefits to my own health, I also observed from day 1 that the clients I saw seemed able to respond more easily and more sustainably. They were able to see things differently, making their own internal shifts in relation to key issues they raised in the sessions, and from this were able to begin making sustainable changes in their lives. Over short periods of time, the changes I witnessed to their general health and vitality were marked and resembled the sort of changes I had experienced for myself.

To be a ‘healer’ and know you are not responsible for healing another, is already a paradigm shift. It lifted the burden I had clearly carried to give the client everything so they could make the changes needed. The sense I had prior to this was that it was an uphill trek for them, and a slippery slope back to where they started that they all too often ended up on.

As a direct result of these teachings, I am now able to work three times the hours I ever did and am involved in various initiatives outside of these work hours. My level of health and vitality is beyond anything l’ve experienced at any stage prior to this, and continues to improve each year.

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  • By Jenny Ellis

    Jenny is a complementary health practitioner with over 30 years’ experience. She is renowned for her insight, understanding and wisdom and for the healing space she holds for her clients, offering a much-needed pause amidst the bustle of inner-city life.

  • Photography: Hemma Kearney