Revelations by Serge Benhayon to ponder on for World Philosophy Day

Revelations by Serge Benhayon to ponder on for World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day was introduced by UNESCO in 2005 and is held on the third Thursday of November each year.

The General Conference of UNESCO in establishing World Philosophy Day wanted to highlight: “the importance of this discipline, especially for young people, underlining that “philosophy is a discipline that encourages critical and independent thought and is capable of working towards a better understanding of the world and promoting tolerance and peace”.

Certainly as indicated in the above quote when we think of philosophy we think of thinking! But have we ever questioned the quality of our thoughts or where they come from?

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Pondering and philosophy

The word ‘pondering’ means to think from the heart. There is much to enjoy and ponder on in this short presentation.

An aspect of society that was key to highlight by UNESCO World Philosophy Day was the importance of tolerance and peace. As our history is full of war, hate and unease between countries, religions, and cultures, this topic is rightly so at the fore of philosophical debate for many.

Though what if we would start to expand the debate and understand that there is a difference between peace and harmony – the latter being key to a sustainable state of equality between all. This point is explored more with this free audio on “why peace is not enough”.

When the true meaning of philosophy, its origins and its use in ancient civilisations are studied, one can uncover that it was used in very different settings to today. As in those times everything was considered and lived as a one-unified expression of energy or light and no activity was distinct from it, philosophy was embraced as being alongside to religion and science, as the themes could not be separated. What was once considered a common way to view and / or approach to understand all life, how it flows and should flow, in unison with the energetic laws that govern the whole universe, is now only a theoretical subject one can generally study in the classroom.

Further Reading and Listening

It is all about energy: applies to everything which of course includes philosophy. It has long been accepted and scientifically shown that everything is energy. Serge Benhayon has taken it a step further and presented that if everything is energy then everything is because of energy. This free audio shares, it is the “because of energy” that is so critical in our everyday life, choices and thought processes.

The Way of the Livingness - Religion, Philosophy and Science audio presents how all parts are equal and defined by the love we have for each other. The accompanying article shares how “Serge Benhayon who is a philosopher in the truest and most universal sense of the word, brings a new impress for the 21st century that delivers philosophy, science, medicine and religion together as a whole, because in truth, one cannot be considered without the other. Not confined to paper and print, nor about received and perceived cultural ideas, true philosophy expresses the direct experience of wisdom that lives within all human beings.”

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