What did you do on your Summer Holiday?

What if someone were to say to you, “You don’t need to go on holidays”. How would that feel? How would you respond? This is not to say that we cannot or should not have a holiday or that it is ‘wrong’ to have a holiday – no, not at all – it is simply offering something for us to consider.

You could say that ‘yes’ taking a holiday can be a lovely or a refreshing thing to do but does it have to be the longed-for high point and desperately awaited and desired goal of the year, the ever receding ‘good’ time amongst the detritus of everyday life? This would be a very possible response if our daily life were lived in a way that is consistently observational, nurturing, joyful, rhythmic and purposeful, a life intimately and lovingly lived with true authority and wisdom.

Serge Benhayon is a ‘someone’ who, in the face of all the heavily ensconced bonds and expectations that our society’s status quo exerts upon its citizens, asks questions that many have dared not ask or even ‘thought’ to ask, and in presenting such questions offers wisdom that can completely turn around the way we see life and engage with it. Not just for the sake of turning things around, but because we as human beings on earth have succumbed to a lifestyle that is downtrodden, abusive, miserable, and exhausted, or filled with striving, achieving, getting the apparent ‘good’ things or accolades in life while still remaining unfulfilled, unsettled and wanting more.

What if there is a way of life that has never been freely and openly spoken of in our education, a life that is everything we always wanted – a life full of aliveness and beauty, a true ‘Livingness’? Such a life is truly intelligent and glorious, founded upon the untold riches that reside deep within every innermost heart – a way of living human life magnificently. Serge Benhayon, the World Teacher of the Aquarian era who is intimately acquainted with living magnificently, has entered into a realm of life here which we will call ‘creation’, a realm largely run by the forces of torment and misery, and has presented for the benefit of All the truth that there is another way to live as a humanity that does not collude with that imposed agenda and design that we are so familiar with.

Firstly, it is necessary to get that human life is not all that we have been told or imagined it to be. How many times have we asked, “Why is life like this? It doesn’t make sense.” Do we ask that question because we are dumb? No, we ask it because deep within we know that life as we are currently living it is not it. We as human beings have been born into a set-up that is designed from the very beginning to beset us with insecurity as the daily order and drum beat of existence. In order to even ‘survive’ life on earth we cannot live without the finances for the necessities of life – a roof (or tent) over our heads, food, water and clothing for the body, money to pay bills or to purchase our preferred entertainments. Some come into inherited wealth, but for the majority, having to secure these necessities of life means that we must work for a living. This can involve turning up for interviews along with two hundred or more applicants or ‘contestants’ for the same job. Then once the job is secured (or not) we are landed into a workplace of competition, underminement, criticism, and, in many cases, the ever-present sense of being crushed, day in day out.

How can we, in such a situation, work together in true relationship when the brother next to us may be in fierce competition to arise himself into a position above us or may be jealous of us (or us of them), constantly manoeuvring to secure the favour of the boss to advance, or to not lose their job – possibly even treading on us or others to gain traction! We have all observed that there is an aspect of the human being that will deny its Soul-ful origins and do anything to get the necessary money to live whether it be to ‘survive’ or appear highly successful.

How, in such a stressful situation, can the true joy and satisfaction of working together in united purpose flourish? And what does the daily enforced experience of work end up becoming? This kind of set-up is a far cry from the Universal state we have originally come from where everything needed has been freely supplied by divine impulse.

On top of the requirement that we earn money for necessities, we have all the spoken and unspoken desires for the additional perks, comforts, and accoutrements of life that give us status, prestige, cachet, and . . . the security of being seen as ‘someone’ – the allure of recognition. The pressure is well and truly on – from forces both seen and unseen. . . and we are unwittingly being trained to become fit to be hard, fit to be self-serving, fit to be arrogant, fit to be used and abused, fit to betray and be betrayed, instead of becoming fit to be able to respond to the call for Universal expansion for All. The whole set-up is there to elicit reactivity and unseat us from our innate and natural brotherhood, and our access to the true flow and abundance of life which brings us all that is needed for our magnificent purpose to live truly on earth. We all know that no human being is cared for in this current model of civilisation because the vibrational foundation right from the start has never been supportive, holding, or honouring of our natural sensitivity and sacredness, never offering the true magic and wonder of life that is the normal of living magnificently – our birthright.

Life becomes pressured, work is hard, and the day contracts into a ‘contract’ with something that is not true and certainly less than enjoyable. Life becomes mundane, functional, dull and devoid of all true wonderment and joy. We are faced with, as Serge Benhayon has put it, ‘the insensitive arrangement of functionality’.[1] This is not to infer that there may not be some inspiring work situations happening, but the majority of situations are as here described. So how does the set-up prevent out-and-out rebellion by the populace taking place, for what sensitive truly intelligent being wants to live in such tedium? The set-up duly offers us comfort and a cornucopia of attractive balms to deal with the pain caused by the constant bludgeoning of an insecurity that is intentionally engendered from the initial imposition of this loveless design.

Deprived of the natural fulfilment of true loving relationship, of the absolute wonder and magic of a life in purpose, and instead burdened with a life of drudgery with its undercurrent of unremitting dread, we then look for a fake version of the true joys named above – we end up settling for a fake magic and joy. This fakery is instantly supplied by the loveless movement of forgery that set up the societal model in the first place, consisting of the excessively motion-based stimulation of distinction, achievement, striving to make things ‘better’, the pursuit of prize, reward and accolade. We all know it. This movement of desire sets up a very successful distraction from the omnipresent torture of insecurity. If we are otherwise inclined and not attracted to stimulation, we are presented with the alternative reward of retreat, the reward of withdrawal from life – with a myriad of opportunities to check out into the relief and oblivion of entertainments, gaming, movies, hobbies, fantasy, the building of an earthly paradise and/or – the long desired holiday. But can we possibly be here to just get through the day for the reward of a dose of television, or just manage to get through to the weekend for the reward of a movie marathon, a drinking binge or a football match, or to get through to the end of the year for the reward of the annual holiday (which originally came from the phrase ‘holy day’).

What does one end up with as this particular life lived in such a manner reaches its completion – the echo of a few dimly remembered ‘good’ times amongst a sea of troubles and devastation?

All these readily-provided rewards are duly lined up and waiting in ambush to take us away from what we are here to do, and that is to bring true love, commitment, dedication and presence to our relationships and to work and live with the purpose of embodying multidimensional magnificence and walking it in human life, lighting up the darkened highways and byways of creation with the vibration of Universal Life, a life which we once foolishly forsook, but can now reclaim.

[Note: the sentiments expressed in the article are those of the author and not Serge Benhayon’s direct views.]


  • [1]

    Serge Benhayon, Multidimensional Psychology Volume 2, chapter 19, p. 282

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  • By Lyndy Summerhaze, PhD, BA (1st class hons; University medal) Dip.Mus.Ed, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

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