Standing solid in truth, love and tenderness

Standing solid in truth, love and tenderness

Standing solid in truth, love and tenderness

Meeting Serge was like meeting an old friend that I had lost contact with. He was very warm and open in his greeting – his handshake was firm and his smile was infectious. This brought up a lot of feelings that had been locked away. It was as if Serge, by his very presence, allowed me to connect to what I knew to be true in myself, but at that time in my life I was nowhere near living. His warmth, his clear open eyes, his manner and movements were coming from great strength – but with it was a tenderness, a poise and an openness.

When faced with how simple the truth is, I can often go into a default setting where my mind brings in all the complexity it can muster and creates a struggle, from which my body suffers.

Serge stands like a rock and offers the truth in love; this I have been looking for since a young boy. The way Serge lives inspires people to be who they truly are.

His light never wanes – here is a man who has changed the course of humanity, a man whose work will be referred to for centuries as a guiding light, one of the many messengers of God that have been sent through the ages to bring the Ageless Wisdom that allows us to feel that we are all equally Sons of God.

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  • By Paul Moses, Married, Father of 5, Grandfather of 3.