A ‘chance’ meeting – Serge Benhayon

A ‘chance’ meeting at a family event and a conversation that struck a chord with me left me pondering for days about why and how we as ‘humans’ have become so disconnected from ourselves.

The conversation was not even about that, yet my unrest was triggered. It felt so familiar, like I was talking to someone I had known for eons and his extraordinary way and manner was deeply accessible, not just to me but to everyone as I observed the consistency and openness he shared throughout the evening.

This was the beginning of an effortless, genuine and authentic friendship that to this day, 10 years later, I continue to be inspired by and learn from. The wonderful part about that is that he too is learning as he sees everyone as equals and humanity as one. The ‘he’ I am referring to would be Serge Benhayon, a man who offers truth in every movement and is the first to responsibly own an expression if not impressed from love. There is a deeply soul-full quality and deliberate order and flow in the way Serge lives and shares his life, family and genuine love of people. It is a ‘Way of Living’ that exemplifies an understanding that at the heart of every human being lays our innate connection to the Soul’s wisdom. No intellectualized theories, just a simple science that if everything is energy, “then everything is because of energy” (SB), and to me this made so much sense and offered me great insight into how and why I was reacting and sabotaging my own self-worth.

My connection with Serge and The Way of the Livingness has offered me an opportunity to understand and develop a more loving relationship with myself, recognising that judgment and self-criticism are part of my distractions to true healing. I have come to understand and appreciate that we are always receiving communication from our bodies and all I need to do is stop and listen to the love that is there. It is from this place that I have been able to find my own unique rhythm to living in a way that supports me to heal and re-imprint a new way of being with myself, and sharing this with the world around me.

I have come to know others and myself in a way that I would never have imagined, and certainly not have encountered if I was to continue on the path that I was on. There was no big ‘reveal’ or ‘spiritual awakening’, just willingness on my part to stop and listen to what I deeply felt was making sense.

I often felt things did not seem right in my life, and behaviours I observed within myself and around me did not make sense to a deeper feeling that I held not only about humanity, but also about myself.

I often decided to not express what I truly felt, choosing to stay silent but uncomfortable about what I was witnessing. I have come to appreciate that this guard or protection formed a foundation that kept me separate and always struggling to understand the ‘why and how’ of my reactions and behaviour, and sad about the destructive impact it was delivering. All I had to do was surrender and appreciate the voice of love’s wisdom that we all hold inside. It is there for a reason . . . not to work against us but to offer us the guidance we so desperately search for outside ourselves.

Through Universal Medicine I have attended some amazing courses, engaged in thought provoking conversations and discussions, read and responded to some amazing blogs and books and participated in many retreats that have challenged and confronted me, yet all offering an opportunity for me to explore and expand the depth of value we all uniquely have to express.

I continue to feel the enormous benefits of maintaining an ongoing developing rhythm of daily self-care practices supported by regular sessions of Chakra Puncture, Relationship Counselling and nourishing myself responsibly and lovingly with food, rest and exercise.

From the very first time I attended a presentation by Serge, I knew I was being shown a way of living that resonated with me as it was a relationship with myself that I could continue to build on – constantly evolving, without perfection – whilst reflecting a way of caring for myself that incorporates responsibility, understanding, honesty, appreciation and awareness. Makes so much sense.

The more honest I was with my behaviour, distractions and guises, the more I uncovered and let go of, revealing a familiar and caring, naturally nurturing, warm, open, sassy and gentle loving woman I always deeply knew was there. Thus reflecting Serge’s unwavering love for the truth that in every one of us lays the essence of who we truly are. All we have to do is choose the will to connect.

I am appreciating the quality of openness that I am bringing to all my relationships by virtue of the more responsible and loving way I am choosing to live my life. My partner, colleagues, family members, friends and community are reaping the joy-full benefits of the expansion in our relationships, and the valuable contributions I am making as a leader in my workplace are raw evidence that commitment to self love is evolutionary.

I am a more authentic participant in everything I am involved in, with less self-doubt and a deeper honouring and respect for discerning the truth. From here the magic unfolds.

There is no perfect solution, just openness to taking responsibility for how I express in the world, whether that be verbally, physically or silently. I have recognised the amazing gift in this – if I choose my aligning energy wisely – as we are all impacted when observing and being inspired by the Soul’s vibration.

And so the cycle returns to the spark inspired by my very first meeting with Serge (which I now know was not by chance) . . . as that was where I first really stopped to examine how I was living . . . and that stop was and continues to be the true ripple effect of self-love in activity.

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  • By Christina Caplice

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd