How to live from your soul – thank you Serge Benhayon

How to Live from your Soul – Thank you Serge Benhayon

How to live from your soul – thank you Serge Benhayon

‘Thank you, Serge Benhayon!’ doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s hard to write about someone who has turned your life around – in the best possible way. But I’ll try. Describing Serge Benhayon certainly isn’t going to convey the significance of the impact he has had on my experience of life.

I could describe him as a man in his 50’s. Father of four adult children. Grandfather to five. A man in a second marriage who is madly in love with his wife, and still good friends with his ex-wife. A guy who likes to mow the lawn and take his dogs for a walk. It’s all sounding a bit average, isn’t it?

I could make it more interesting by telling you he used to be a tennis coach but then when he was 35, he heard his Soul calling him to a higher purpose. And he responded. But he didn’t do this just for himself and his family, he did it for all of us, for all of humanity. Even though he didn’t know what the future had in store, he knew he was saying ‘yes’ to his Soul and his relationship with God.

What I have come to learn and observe is that when you say ‘yes’ to living from your soul and honouring your own divinity, the path opens up. You just get up each day saying ‘yes’ and the rest comes to you.

Just as I came to Serge, so did hundreds, thousands of others. We found him because we were ready. We were ready for a role model who would show us what it looks and feels like to live connected to the Universal Mind/the Supreme Being/the Creator/God – however you want to word the magnetic pull that we all can feel, that elusive something. We know there is more to life but we just can’t figure out how to find it. Well, Serge Benhayon is holding the compass.

We all need help to break through the fog we have been living in. Serge has been unwavering with his consistency of love. Perhaps Serge’s incredible patience is the thing that has been most supportive. No, wait. It’s his lack of judgement: no matter how long it takes me (or others), or how slow I/we are in getting what he is telling us and showing us, he is lovingly there by our side. Or maybe it is that he has answered every question we have put to him in a way that makes perfect sense.

Am I more grateful for his books that opened my eyes to the folly I had been living, thinking it was what life was all about – or is it his presentations that I most appreciate? I know. It’s the annual Universal Medicine retreats, which aren’t about retreating at all but about embracing life. That is the part of his work I’m most grateful for. Or maybe it is the fact that he never tells us what to do. He presents. We have the option to accept what he is saying, or not. We have the option to introduce the concepts into our life, or not.

We have the option to become engaged in our own life and to experiment with what we are learning, or not. It is always up to us as individuals. Teaching us that it is our responsibility. That’s what I’m most grateful for. Thank you Serge Benhayon.

I knew a lot of things were wrong in the world – from abuse in the name of religion to competitive sports. I knew that having a large percentage of humanity addicted to caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling etc., had to be wrong. There are hundreds of other things. But there was no one offering an explanation of why the world was the way it was until I met Serge Benhayon. There was no one able to show how it is possible to live in the world, without being of the world, until I met Serge. There it is. That’s the thing I’m most grateful to Serge for – showing me how to live in the world without being of the world.

Living with energetic integrity and energetic responsibility is modelled in every breath Serge takes. He is love in action. Through his example, I too am able to embrace and build on these qualities in my own life.

How does one show their appreciation to the man who shows you how to live in divine connection to all equally?

‘Thank you Serge Benhayon!’ doesn’t begin to cover it.

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