The interplay of physicality and energy in violence – understanding the strings that are moved

The interplay of physicality and energy in violence

The interplay of physicality and energy in violence – understanding the strings that are moved

The 21st of August 2019 and we start the day with the headline that Barcelona is living through its most violent summer of this decade.

Ten years ago Barcelona was a city where you had to watch out for pickpocketing – the silent robbery that left you surprised when looking for your wallet to pay for your ice-cream and realised that it had disappeared without you noticing. Although, granted, as a major security problem we would still pride ourselves of the non-violent nature of such acts. The perpetrators were crafty, they were everywhere and mainly focussing on the 20 million tourists visiting the city every year, but locals were not immune to being targets of their skills either.[1]

Since 2016, robberies with violence and intimidation have gone up 58% with 90 reported incidences per week, which is a speck of the reality because most robbery victims don’t bother going to the police, given that this is a time-consuming hassle with no impact on recovering their valuables.[2]

Since 1st of July 2019, eight murders happened just in the city of Barcelona, which is a record, particularly taking into consideration that those eight attacks have been the extreme kinds culminating in death, hence they caught police’s attention. Imagine all the violence that goes along with these acts, which mostly remain unreported. Nevertheless, Mayor Ada Colau insists that Barcelona is generally a safe city, just with some specific problems.[3]

"As we draw nearer to 2012 and the light of the Soul Plane descends closer to our physical/temporal plane, there will be an amazing situation when for the first time on our planet the Fire (fiery-energy) will be greater than the prana all around us. With this in mind and, unchangeable, it will require a greater amount of prana (spiritual energy) to resist the great Love (Fire) that abounds. And hence, the one choosing spirituality over soul-fullness will be calling in greater pranic forces. It is this, more force-full type of prana that will cause the extremes we are going to see (are seeing) and, with that choice, will come the new wave and forms of illness and disease, an uprise in Mother Earth needing to cleanse in addition to Her own program to cleanse in accordance to our fierier new way of life. Sadly, mankind is not yet open to these facts as the prana still dominates the minds of many, especially the so-called intelligentsia of this world but, they eventually will be open to them and this can either come from one opening their eyes and seeking a true truth to what they see ...

OR, by being devastated first and only in that deep suffering concede that they may have been wrong.

(Said first in 2002 and many times since)"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 709

Obviously, this violent summer is just one symptom of a collapsing system that has no answers to growing social problems such as those described above, other than to send anti-disturbance police units into the critical areas to protect the rich tourists from the poor thieves, and the non-violent citizens from the violent ones.

But how can we sort the grain from the chaff, the good from the bad,
when violence seems to be all around us?

Most of the people in this world live and grow up in an institution that is called family, a place with people we love the most mainly because they are our own blood. But how is it that we are most likely to kill the very people we love the most, as the recent UN Report[4] on homicides around the world by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime exposes again?

How can this so-called cradle of love be the most dangerous place for women and children, and how come that the biggest hurts we carry around in our adult lives come from our childhood, even when we haven’t been severely abused, when we lived with and were raised by those who love us the most?

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes
Well, love is all around me and so the feeling grows…’

This famous song says it all:

if love is all around us and grows, then when we replace love with something that is not love, might this replacement grow as well? Hence, wouldn’t it be worth considering that violence is not something that only occurs in the violent acts, but that the act of violence is only the end result of a lived way that has accepted violence and abuse as a way of life in the many facets of our human interactions?

When we look at the shocking rates of increased violence worldwide, we also have to be willing to look beyond the evil act that makes one person a victim of another’s behaviour. If we keep on blaming the lack of security systems, the macho culture, the rich (just as an option to stop blaming and criminalising the poor who are just encountering what the rich are role-modelling), the lack of laws passed to protect innocent citizens etc., we will not change the diverse forms of growing violence. We have to be able to admit that although the massive crimes are leaving a trail of fear and insecurity and constant state of victimhood, that we cannot change this solely by fighting against the evil acts, but that we have to look at how we live as humanity as a whole, and that the quality we live in is playing an active part in it.

"Only when, the actual human daily life struggle is declared as a way that is un-natural, will humanity as a coordinated whole, seek humbly the real answers behind their historically long and pain-full woes."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 707

Although it is key to have our physical integrity secured, by focussing on the physicality and fighting the ill-being that characterises human interactions as violent and abusive, we are blind to the fact that we have chosen non-loving ways to be our dominant way of life.

Hence, to understand the truth that is taking place behind the warzone of our physicality, we have to raise our awareness above the fact of physicality and comprehend that there is more to life than just the human flesh.

"We prefer lies to any ounce of true truth, but more so, and this means much, much more, we despise any form of energetic truth. Prophecies such as the kind offered in our books are not the ‘preferred dish’ for the majority of mankind. Put simply: there are many who do not like to hear or read that we are the creators of our ills."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us, ed 1, p 97

The energetic truth presented by Philosopher Serge Benhayon is that “the human vehicle is a vessel – and the human mind is a recipient of energy”. Hence the human body is a vessel that receives energy and according to the received energy, it acts out in a certain way or in another. He notes that if Einstein’s formula E=mc2 proves – “everything is energy”, then it must follow that “everything is because of energy”.

"The mind is a recipient of energy; It is not a perceptive organ of energy.

If we can here take a short pause and consider deeply the fact that the mind is a recipient of energy and not a perceptive organ of energy we will arrive at a basic immutable truth. The mind receives energy but it does not measure or calculate what that energy is or where it is coming from and thus the mind is always at the mercy of the energy that is impulsing it. This is why it is said – you are what you are aligned to. If the mind is a recipient of energy then, ‘the energy’ is where the truth lays and not what the mind is capable of, for the latter will always be influenced by the former.

Revelation: the mind is first influenced by an energy before it then influences all else by the activity of that energy using the mind as its active tool.

It will not be long before science discovers this fact."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 3, p 637

Taking the understanding of energy as our starting point and considering that “we are subjects of energy first and then human”, we have a very different stand on why we live in societies that prioritise abuse over love. If it is energy what makes us move, then there cannot be a one-sided movement of abuse as it has to have a reflection or response where the energy can go to and get fed.

Hence, if everything is energy a violent expression is as much fuelled by energy as a loving expression and it would be of true intelligence to look at the factors that lead one energy (love) or the other energy (non-love) to govern a human being.

According to the Ageless Wisdom there are only two energies, the fiery divine energy of love, which is constantly pouring through us – it never stops as it is who we are – and the more dense, pranic energy that is not sourced by anything else than the constant circulation of ideals, images, pictures and beliefs that determine human life. The truth is that the human vessel is sourced by a constant pull of love that naturally expands when expressing in it, and the dominant and forceful way we have learned human life to be is a movement that draws in pranic energy to override and cover up what is constantly flowing through us. Pranic energy in itself is not a source and therefore needs a generator that feeds it.

Hence, if pranic energy cannot circulate it loses its driving force and it stops. Hence, violence is the outcome of a choice of energy that is coming through someone and it needs a receiving end that gives it enough fuel to keep existing, if not it would lose the source that makes it circulate.

This means that in order to stop the ongoing violence and abuse we have to look deeper into how we live in a way that makes us constantly circulate various forms of abusive expressions – how we draw in an energy that then fuels the circulation of abuse.

In the ignorance of energy and the belief of only being in the human form, and although quantum physics has proven the inexistence of cause and effect, we live in the conviction that there are only situations of direct cause and effect. The reductionism of this post-causal living is the alignment to an intelligence that ignores the universal order that has been reflecting true wisdom to humanity since its existence and that has created its own ‘House of Lies’, calling it truth.

This utter ignorance and absolute negation of truth in the House of Lies we call human life can be specifically observed in rape trials where the defence lawyer is free to pursue any line of questioning to test the victims' credibility and has the right to ‘rape’ her all over again in the belief of the lie we call truth that the victim’s behaviour or underwear could have contributed in any way shape or form to the violent act, as exemplified in the Armstrong case, where “a teenage rape victim has committed suicide after an agonising court ordeal testifying against her attacker”.[5]

Isn’t the ‘rape’ committed by the lawyer, in this particular case, far worse than the physical one as it happens under the veil of a justice system that claims to stand for truth and bears no consequences, even where it may prove traumatic and end in suicide?

The actual rape made the victim take actions against a clearly perceived wrong – she acted on it and brought it to court, the highest body of so-called truth we believe in, that would bring justice. The abuse, violation and absolute lack of basic decency, respect and love of the judicial system then caused her to choose suicide as the untruth she was confronted with was far bigger than the untruth and violence she experienced through the physical assault. When she was raped she still felt that there was a way to bring justice to the wrong, but when the court acted in the same way, she gave up on life.

Isn’t it interesting that our highest corpus of justice and truth is the biggest abuser of all? Abuse in the name of truth is the most evil act a human being can experience and the world is plagued with this anomaly.

Hence, could it be that our focus on what we consider evil or bad is distracted by the obviously shocking, degrading and traumatising physical abuse all over the world and we miss out on seeing the root cause of evil and where it is actually generated?

The truth is that the fuel of violence is not to be found in the violent act itself, but in the fact that we have abandoned Sacredness and have chosen to live a lie we call truth.

The abandonment of Sacredness is showing us how far we let our standards slip and as Gabriele Conrad (unpublished article) says, we even “need to prefix the word ‘Truth’ with the adjective ‘true’ because “truth is cheap these days; a never-ending stream of specials of the day on the blackboard of creation (= all that we have made of life, have created life to be) where the offerings, the flavours, tastes and accompaniments get changed regularly lest our desperate need for distraction not be fed according to its by the hour, by the minute demanding schedule. Let there be no gap, no pause, no interruption please!”

We have abandoned truth and made pictures, ideals and beliefs our own truth. We have swapped our Sacredness and our very own bodily integrity for images, ideals and beliefs of what it means to be a human being – a man or a woman – and have created a world in which pictures are owning us; pictures that are offered to sustain a lie as a truth, replacing our inner-most connection of being ourselves in our sacred expression.

When we are brought up as human beings only in the ignorance of energy, we succumb to images and ideals of how to be a man or a woman in our private, public or professional realm, in a system that is corrupting our relationship with truth and those images and ideals in their endless variations are covering up our true essence and the connection to ourselves. We start to own the lies that are being reflected to us and make them our standards and by getting used to living in the reductionism of ‘alternative facts’ we live by ‘a truth’ at the expense of ‘The Truth’.

The more we disconnect from ourselves the more we allow the pictures to own us, as we give them space in creating an emptiness, which they then supposedly fill up.

The more we lose the connection to ourselves, the stronger the pictures can act out through us at the cost of our very own bodies and physical integrity and safety. They own us. They own truth and they invent a truth, but they are never The Truth.

The Abandonment of Sacredness is a lived way of worldwide societies. It has become our standard, a standard that lacks basic values of decency, respect and love and is light-years away from energetic responsibility and energetic integrity.

  • It is the lawyer who has the right to abuse another to prove innocence of someone who committed a crime and in a world of many truths has the right to defend his/her ‘truth’ at the cost of The Truth, aiming to not assume responsibility for one’s own makings.

  • It is institutionalised religion that has the right to own divinity on earth and abuse, rape and kill in the face of their truth claiming to be the owner of Sacredness, without holding an ounce of it.

  • It is the secular world that believes to be right, blaming all others as wrong, establishing constantly correcting measures to better an otherwise corrupt system, selling technological progress and the modernisation of the world as the truth as if the decline of a lived quality isn’t showing us the involution we have made today’s ‘evolution’.

  • It is our way to parent and educate the young, negating our divine origins and the Sacredness we are born with, making us empty vessels that need to be filled with earthly intelligence, teaching ourselves that progress, success and the good life is found in the House of Lies, fostering a movement away from The Truth.

  • It is every man and woman in this world who has lowered the Universal standard of Sacredness into reduced images, stereotypes, ideals and beliefs of what it means to be a man or a woman at the cost of everybody’s bodily integrity and divine origin.

Humanity lives in the momentum of the Abandonment of Sacredness. There is no one to blame – we are all equal players in a game that has made a lie our truth and has set the rules that life in the human form has to be dedicated to defending this created truth.

Violence is sourced by the impediment of living Sacredness.
Violence enters a body that is void of Sacredness.

In truth, we have sold out to a culture of abuse, where we have placed certain groups into victim position and others into perpetrator position in exchange for the subscription to images, beliefs and ideals of being a man or a woman, rich and poor, right and wrong, good and evil, hence a fabrication of distorted variations of truth that altogether form the House of Lies we have chosen to live in.

Without addressing the Abandonment of Sacredness we have allowed our life to become what looks like fighting an uphill battle, as “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)

And this is one of humanity’s biggest downfalls because we don’t want to assume responsibility for the built momentum and instead we want remedies – remedies that are provided by the same source of energy that has created the ill-being to begin with. We want the happy pill, the perfect solution that takes away all that we have created. That is why we prefer solutions and band-aids instead of answers, and institutionalised and normalised lies instead of truth.

But what is needed is honesty, an absolute honesty to stop the momentum of abuse we have made our normal. Honesty and the deepening into the livingness of Sacredness – the return to who we truly are. It is the willingness to let go of the self-created lies that keep us imprisoned in the human form called male or female and all the stereotypes, pictures, ideals, images and beliefs that are attached to it and counteract and offset to live in absolute energetic responsibility and integrity. It is the reclaiming of our bodily integrity, our Sacredness, which dissolves the momentum and not – as modern day psychology will tell us – the correction of socially dysfunctional behaviour. It is our willingness to let go of what has led to this abuse.

It is not a fight, neither physical, verbal, nor even political, although it is crucial to prosecute any form of crime. If we fight we are in the reaction and if we are in reaction we use the same energy that has fuelled the act we are reacting to and we are contributing to the same pool of energy whose consequences we are reacting to.

The negation of Love as our foundational expression is forcing us onto our knees and the intensity and increase in violence and abuse we are experiencing is growing and has no end in sight if we don’t choose to accept the energetic fact that we live in a world of energy, and that we are the creators of the movements resulting in abuse and violence.

It is a collective responsibility that can only be changed through individual responsibility.

It is a quality that is built within, a loving ‘no’ to (self) abuse, a movement that may not even need to be verbalised as it may be a self-loving silent ‘yes’ to an integrity that is supported by the loving care a woman or man applies to her/himself.

"From 2012 onwards – there is going to be a double and then a triple intensity in people’s lives, and there won’t be enough alcohol and drugs to numb the angst, the anxiousness, desperation and the raciness of people’s minds when they can’t make the leap to have the Love of their Soul with them.
Make this prophecy not true for you -- begin to truly self-love, and from there seek only that which is true Love."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 714

To stop violence and abuse starts with self-love.

Self-love deconstructs pictures, ideals and beliefs: they start fading and have no ground to stand on anymore when we start an inward movement to the power we all hold equally within.

Self-love is the first step in a movement that deepens the expression of more and more love. It’s a movement that is a deepening of a quality we are all from.

Self-love also cuts the victim and perpetrator blame game that keeps us in the endless wheel of trying to fix the outcome of a normalised movement of abuse by looking always at the other in our endless pursuit to determine right and wrong behaviour in a world that has set standards that are consistently corrupting our Sacredness.

Self-love brings the understanding that we are always governed by energy and that it is the quality of our expression that is choosing the energy we align to and vice versa. Self-love brings the understanding that our movements matter and that we have the power to bring quality to our movements that then become the quality of all our interactions. Self-love is a call for a higher integrity by presenting an energetic truth that calls humanity to more responsibility.

"We can only be truly saved through self-love.
No-one else will save us, but ourselves with self-love.
Begin to self-love and you will save yourself.
That love will then, by Energetic Law, inspire another to save themselves.
This is how it is and how it will be."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 700

What has been said here, it is by no means a justification or excuse for any abuse or violence. Violence, abuse, femicide, homicide . . . any form of abuse needs to be prevented, prosecuted and punished, and the security of all possible target groups has to be assured by a legal system, police enforcement and institutions who are in charge of protecting everybody who may be subject to abuses of any kind.

It is a call to stop relying on a post-causal understanding of the world, trying to justify behaviours and situations of abuse in a one-dimensional way. It is simply looking at the behind the scenes script that keeps us in the ignorance and constant trying to bring justice and equality to human life without understanding the strings that are being moved.

We can only start to build support networks for everybody – support that truly empowers people – when we are willing to understand how corrupted we actually are and how much we have sold out to a system of abuse. Everybody needs to assume responsibility and it is about offering this loving support to be able to assume the responsibility we truly hold for willingly participating in, and hence contributing to, the corruption.


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  • By Rachel Andras, MA Gender & Development, MA Social Education

    Gender policy advisor, facilitator of change management processes, adult and youth educator, focusing on body awareness and (self) care as an essential category of value-creation, impulsing processes of real change by guiding people towards themselves as experts of their own realities.

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