Have you ever heard or used the word Prana before? For most it is not an everyday word but it is something we might hear or see related to the spiritual new age.

You can find advertisements and websites promoting: Prana Yoga, Prana Food, Prana Shoes, Prana Pants, Prana Spa, Prana Healing, Prana Sound, Prana Breathing and so on.

However, just as we share on Unimedpedia Spirit that:

“... one of the most fundamental teachings one can ever be exposed to is the difference between spirit and Soul.”

So too is it absolutely essential that we understand what Prana truly is because the wrong and ill-chosen use of prana is a source of many of our woes.

"Prana (a.k.a. chi, ki etc) is a very basic form of life-force. To use it to make you who you are to be is a complete negation of the Divineness you originally come from."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 443

Prana is often championed as our sole (not Soul!) life force on Earth, giving breath to the otherwise inanimate physical form. So it may come as somewhat of a surprise to realise that there are actually two life forces to choose from and that prana, whilst it is divine, is actually a much lower vibration of divinity to that of Fire, which is our true (Soul’s) breath.

"When you are full of Soul, you are free to truly choose. When you are dominated by prana, you will have trillions of choices to choose from, but not a single one will be truly from the real and whole you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 298

Prana is not ‘bad’ per se, as we are in a physical body that requires a small amount of prana such as food, water, breath, etc, to sustain a physical life here in the 3rd dimension.

What is harmful is excess prana and indeed it is the pursuit of this and the great gulps of it that we take in, that has led to so much exhaustion, denseness and disease in our physical bodies.

Put simply – by using prana as our main source of energy we have allowed a great reduction and hence a great pollution to come to our bodies and subsequently to the environment that we all live within.

The truth is, we are here to evolve back to who we truly are which is the light and love of our true being, our Soul. The key to this evolution is to live in a way that is completely honouring of the physical form through which we express this love. This we cannot do if we are keeping our body in a state of excess prana and thus so dense so as to inhibit the expression of our true light and delicateness. So in order to return to our natural Soul-full expression in human form we need to discard the many layers of imposition and excess prana we have allowed to settle over the essence of who we truly are.

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Is it astral or fire?

Both astral and fiery energy can make you feel you are bigger than your body however there is a huge difference between the two.

So we can see that prana and Fire are both divine, albeit different vibrations of divinity. But there is also a third energy influencing us here on Earth and that is astral energy.

"Astral energy is the complete nemesis of evolution whilst prana only becomes an adversary when it is in excess."

Serge Benhayon Time Space and all of us - Book 2 – Space, p 184

Astral energy is less dense than prana but far more inhibiting. The following audio clearly distinguishes between the energy of prana, Fire and astral in order for us to gain a deeper understanding of how and perhaps why we choose to move as we do and the energies that impulse our movements.

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The difference between Prana and Astral

Both Prana and Astral energies are Divine in origin but one is pure whilst the other is bastardised.

And finally, with the blessing of these teachings and the depth of understanding and awareness they offer to us by way of supporting, assisting and guiding us on our Path of Return back to our true origins, we perhaps need to ask ourselves not only what is our way forth as a humanity out of this mess but also, what lays ahead if we do not discard the excess prana we have been greedily consuming and thus busily and rapidly accumulating for centuries?

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Liane Mandalis and Nicola Lessing

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