A look at evidence and energy

A look at evidence and energy

A look at evidence and energy

What would happen if we were to accept the basic scientific truth that energy is the supreme causal influence upon every aspect of our lives?

We are avoiding the truth of energy – as if it were the proverbial elephant in the room – because of the implications of what this would mean for us in our everyday lives. Yet even scientists state that they don’t really know what energy is.

Professor Richard Feynman (Nobel prize-winning theoretical physicist) said:

"It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge what energy is. If we take everything into account, not only what the ancients knew, but all of what we know today that they didn't know, then I think that we must frankly admit that we do not know."

Most scientists, like most of us, go through life pretty much denying or ignoring energy as being any more than part of physical laws. It’s seen as something measurable but indefinable that makes stuff move, but it fuels everything from the expansion of the universe to our workout in the gym to our technological lives, and is the reason why we think we need to drink coffee in the mornings.

Professor Heinz Pagels (physicist, New York Academy of Sciences) is an active critic of ‘pseudoscience’. He said:

"The visible world is the invisible organization of energy."

He is referring to the causal power of energy over matter. And yet this is largely ignored in the day-to-day practice of not only science and medicine, but all of human life, even though we use it and rely on it all the time in many forms. The fact that all physical matter IS energy, compressed energy, seems to have escaped and fled the room (leaving the elephant still standing there waiting to be noticed) along with reason and common sense.

Our modern science and medicine are incarcerated by memory-based intelligence that leads to beliefs instead of true enquiry, and rejection of anything contradicting the beliefs. The beliefs are defended as vigorously as a religious fundamentalist defends their religious beliefs. The currently reigning belief in science is that life (and therefore also humans, consciousness, and all our illness and disease) are physical-material products and that all methods of studying them should be about looking for physical-material causes and explanations, despite the simple scientific fact that all is energy.

Professor Rupert Sheldrake (biochemist, cell biologist, plant physiologist, Fellow of the Royal Society UK) said:

"The sciences are being held back by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas, maintained by powerful taboos. These beliefs protect the citadel of established science, but act as barriers against open-minded thinking."

Our current way of doing material-focussed science is by using our five physical-material senses, usually augmented by technology: vision and microscopes, hearing and stethoscopes, touch and pressure sensors, and olfaction and chemical detection machines like chromatographs. But the crazy irony is that even our own physical sense biology is, at core, run on energy at every level including quantum levels, as do all our experimental and diagnostic equipment and machines.

All the devices we use are energy, run on energy and measure energy: mobile phones, stethoscopes, LED screens, heart monitors, ultrasounds, MRIs, but not only these – everything is based in energy and works because of energy, which is why using energy to measure things is so successful! We use movements of energy to study and diagnose the movements of energy, whilst our physical bodies, machines and all material objects are merely the vehicles allowing the movement of energy through them and the conversion of one type of energy into another. And yet we go on denying energy as a place to look for the cause and treatment of diseases, and even as the process of conducting of science to understand the universe.

Professor Fritz-Albert Popp (Experimental physicist, biophysicist, invited member New York Academy of Sciences) said:

"We now know, today, that man is essentially a being of light."

Despite the elephant in the room and even the evidence of what our own hands and senses are using and doing, there is a willful blindness about the simple fact of energy as supreme and causal, of human bodies as energy, of disease and illness as energy, of medical treatments as energy, of scientific experiments as energy, doctors and scientists themselves as energy, all their patients and subjects as energy – everything and every cause being energy.

Even the well-known and studied placebo (effects from merely going through the motions of a treatment) and nocebo (effects from just knowing you’re going to be studied) are used and accounted for in scientific and medical experiments, yet STILL they are consigned to the realm of the unknown and dismissed as ‘only the placebo or nocebo effect’.

These effects are like that elephant in the room waving its trunk about, flapping its ears, stamping its feet and trumpeting loudly to be noticed, while everyone keeps ignoring it, walking around it so as not to bump into it, yet pretending to not see it. Just walking around it to not bump into it, e.g. accounting for the placebo and nocebo effects in a scientific/medical study, is proof that we do know even though we pretend to not know.

Why the pretence? What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of the implications of ‘everything is energy’ even though one of the globally-acknowledged shining lights of science, Albert Einstein, showed it beyond a shadow of a doubt with E=MC2?

Are we ultimately afraid of the responsibility that comes from knowing the truth?

There is a game of polar opposites going on, like a ping-pong game (which is all about energy, even its name). The effect of this game is to constantly suppress the truth about energy. In one version of the game, the modern, allopathic, mainstream medicine system attacks and debases anything outside of its purview, for example complementary and alternative medicine, faith, prayer, etc. It calls them pseudoscience, quackery, ‘lacking proper scientific evidence’, ‘supernatural’, magical thinking, etc. It brands them this way usually without any true evidence of its own to back their dismissal! Those other forms of medicine on their side of the polar game court are equally set in their promotion of their particular form of energy-based medicine and rejection of modern allopathic medicine, calling it the ‘cut, burn and poison’ system. As long as this antagonistic polarity goes on, instead of the two fields co-operating and merging into one all-encompassing science of medicine, we have a big, elephant-sized problem.

All the universe is science and everything that exists and occurs is part of that science.

If something exists or something happens or has an effect anywhere in the universe, THAT is scientific evidence by definition. To claim that something is only evidence if it has been arrived at in ‘evidence-based’ scientific experiments or medical treatments designed and run by an exclusive group of people in exclusive settings within a very narrow frame of reference, is calling the tail of the elephant the whole elephant. To purposely ignore or dismiss something that occurs and call it ‘unscientific’ is itself most unscientific! As is ignoring some evidence and cherry-picking other evidence to suit one’s own and or the whole system’s agenda. And yet this goes on all the time across all of science and medicine, whether it be allopathic, evidence-based, alternative or complementary.

Responsibility rests with all. These spheres of human endeavour are locked into defending ideals and beliefs that limit them and prevent them being the truth of what they actually are and what science really is. And it prevents scientists and medical practitioners of all ilks from living the truth of what they actually are and truly know.

By selectively ignoring and dismissing a large body of natural evidence, we may be criticizing it for the wrong reasons... and therefore missing out on a valuable pointer to the effects of energy that are being ignored and deserve to be studied. The fact that many people claim energy healing modalities have effects is ‘evidence’ that energy is involved. That should be enough to include the issue in our open-minded considerations.

In truth, what’s important about this issue is not the endless bun-fight about what constitutes evidence, but the elephantine fact that energy causes everything – including everything that happens to material things. Specific energies with specific vibrational frequencies do specific things and leave specific imprints.

Dr Luca Turin (biophysicist, US National Academy of Sciences, French Academy of Sciences) said:

"We smell odour molecules by sensing their molecular vibrations. Two molecules with identical shapes and different vibrational spectra smell different. If the vibrational theory of olfaction is right, this raises the awe-inspiring possibility that half of physiology and pharmacology may be vibration-based."

However it’s not just in scientific research that energy imprints work – it is a universal science that applies to everything, everywhere. The old ‘Star Trek’ hand-held, futuristic devices that you wave over something and identify energy signatures or imprints are now a reality in science, medicine and many other areas. Just go through an airport security check to see ‘magical’ sensor wands in action. And STILL we deny energy and the incredible specificity of energy imprints in and by everything!

In all this, it is important to state that there’s energy we know and measure – about 30% of all the energy in the universe – even though we have barely scratched the surface of ‘knowing it’, particularly when it comes to the quantum levels of reality.

Professor Stuart Hameroff (anaesthetist, neurobiologist) said:

"Quantum effects are not supernatural"

Then there’s a vast amount, the other 70% of energy that we don’t yet know and haven’t measured and thus call it ‘dark’, even though physicists and astronomers can detect its effects and speculate about it. Moreover, it’s very likely and common sense that dark energy could come in more than one form, just like the energies we are familiar with. Therefore, common sense would also suggest that the as-yet-unknown (by modern science) energy behind medical modalities may not all be of the same type. If different things and processes could be caused and run by different energies, then the questions arise:

What type of energy underlies any particular healing modality? Are they ultimately beneficial or harmful? Are those effects a true picture of what’s going on inside, and also of the long-term outlook?

People can describe an effect of some medical modality, whether allopathic, complementary or alternative. Modern science and medicine (or more likely the political and corporate agendas controlling them) can dismiss or even occasionally accept a modality for the wrong reasons. This is because they’re not only ignoring and denying experiential evidence, but also the workings of energy in the short and long term.

The fact is that energy-based modalities are currently un-assessable by the modern scientific method, since we don’t really know what any energy really is. Moreover, we’re using research tools based only on the 30% of energy we are familiar with.

It’s like trying to measure speed with a thermometer – wrong tools, wrong paradigm.

We need tools that work in and with the 70% of energy we don’t yet understand. But here’s the thing: we can do that with our own bodies (which are part of the universe and therefore privy to all of it), even if we can’t do it yet with our technology. However, our bodies have to be developed to be sensitive instruments to detect all types of energy truthfully and allow us to be conscious of it. And that is a lifestyle and attitudinal choice of what to align to. Meanwhile, all we currently have to go on is experiential evidence – that is, people saying what they experience, plus some limited physiological data correlated with it. Thus it’s certainly not OK to dismiss all possibilities.

As Richard Feynman said:

"A great deal more is known than has been proved."

Against constant opposition, there is a move to start re-integrating human personal experience as scientific evidence. In the future there will be a big shift in attitude and lifestyle and a proper, open-minded scientific study – by scientists, doctors and many other people – of all kinds of energy, evidence and healing modalities. We will come to understand the different kinds of energy as real causes leading to the effects we see and measure. It will change our science, our medicine and all of life.

The big elephant will have a smile on its face, at last.

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  • By Dianne Trussell, BSc(Hons); 17 years in medical and biological research, co-author of 12 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

    Science is the love of my life, and for me it confirms Divine beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. I’ve always felt science to be one with philosophy, religion, art, and music, part of the oneness I feel with everything.