The Serge Benhayon prophecy of sleep and repose

The Serge Benhayon Prophecy of Sleep and Repose

The Serge Benhayon prophecy of sleep and repose

"True quality of Repose is mastered through moving during the day with no reaction, no justification and no protection… Live life better, enrich life rather than be a consequence of the day."

Serge Benhayon Livingness 35, circa 2016

Where human ‘productivity’ is concerned, the multiplicity of collective human effort mobilises a whole human civilisation, which alters the face of our world. We spend a third or more of our human life in sleep. Then we spend another several hours on preparing meals, eating, cleaning and resting between. After travelling to and from work then preparing to do the day’s work, the actual ‘productive’ period may eventuate to 3 to 5 hours.

Ironically, the assumption of ‘productivity’ is no longer based on a sound judgement as the normal human brain distracts itself with different thoughts, emotions and memories of events that have occurred or are yet to occur in time, ahead of the present.

During the day’s cycle when the world is brightly lit with the light of our yellow Sun, the hunting and the gathering has transitioned from subsistence agriculture to city building. Our modern life now takes us to networking, shopping and recreation, at least when we are fortunate to live in societies where the daily life is no longer a chore for the basic essentials of life: water, food and shelter.

As a philosopher who observes the future-present, it is easy to be criticised by those who see the prophecy as a purely intellectual exercise that dismisses the human reality of our planet. How could anyone neglect the struggles of those who do not have enough and ‘live less’ when the other parts of the world have so much material abundance and even waste the excesses of life’s resources?

The Master Philosopher Observes and Reads the Movements of how the present is lived through the bodies of humanity – such as how they eat, how their bodies are changing, what emotions are felt in reaction, what they believe, how thoughts are expressed or how they spend their 24 hour/7 days life within its cycle of evolution – against the cycle of what the universe offers.

The Master Philosopher’s consistent mastery of daily livingness to Love knows a human in its natural state is exquisitely sensitive, nurturing and does not intend harm to another.

Aligned to the evolutionary cycle of the universe, the Master Philosopher is surrendered to the multidimensional intelligence beyond the physical limits of time. Even as a human of physical flesh, bone and blood, he is unaffected by the complicating interferences affecting the human mind through his consistently lived choices to move in unison with Universality. Through his clarity, transparency and wisdom, ill human choices are no longer concealed as they can be read through the veils of illusion. The Master Philosopher offers the glimpse of the future: yet he humbly shows that humanity can equally reconnect to the absoluteness of what Love can be as lived through a human.

The prophecy offered by the Master Philosopher Serge Benhayon is likely to be the unobscured pinnacle of the collective advances in Science and Medicine in its purest simplicity and scientific precision.

Sleep is essential for human sustenance. Without it, the human body cannot function normally. Like water, food and shelter, human life is reliant on sleep. Through sleep, through all ages of human development and maturation, thoughts and dreams are precipitated, processed and stored into memories. Pivotal discoveries of the Sciences and Medicine have been inspired through sleep, such as the coiled shape of the human DNA, the multi-ringed organic molecule of benzene, the triangulated electrical basis of the heart, or the complex mathematical theorems that revolutionised the traditional agricultural industries.

Ideals, beliefs and philosophies have also precipitated through sleep that led to the birth of religions. Endless prose in a multitude of languages to inspire the generations have birthed from sleep, as with countless generations of the newborn through the union of the genders in sleep. As human generations spawned and traversed across the continents, religions and cultures with their diverse languages and ethnic customs have flourished.

Even the most advanced economies of our world stop for sleep. Every waking human movement is intertwined in its marriage with sleep. Not surprisingly, hundreds of thousands of armed soldiers have rested in their sleep before conquering another’s land or being conquered to subjugation. Dare to say, the most terrible evil of the human world must also obey the compelling bodily urge to sleep: whatever had been in the thoughts aligned to the murderous evil, the human slept before living the waking hours in torturing and obliterating the countless millions of fellow humans.

Like the cycle of birth to death, sleep is an inevitability of human frailty: by our intrinsic nature, we must sleep as sleep is essential for survival through its homeostatic functions that regenerate our body. Even the thousand-page multi-authored ‘bible’ of Medicine titled “The Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine” by Kruger, Roth and Dement, does not describe in full detail the beneficial effects of natural sleep. Our understanding of sleep is limited by human intelligence, as exceptional and tremendous as that may be.

In our imperfection as a human, our return to the divine origin as Sons of God – with infinite multidimensional intelligence as foretold by the Great Masters of our time – is proposed again by Serge Benhayon.

"There are two ways of advance towards responsibility and multidimensional intelligence…The first is responsibility and multidimensional intelligence through connection with another and through building true relationships, not arrangements. The second way is the quality of Stillness that offers the advance… this advance is found in the relationship of yourself being seemingly motionless yet in motion, Stillness in motion. This is the Science of Stillness through Deepening."

Serge Benhayon Livingness 36, circa 2016

The essay has so far detailed what sleep is not: living the day while awake. The sleep-wake cycle is not new as every human intrinsically knows how and when to sleep. Even the unborn foetus sleeps, and death is likened to be the irreversible sleep where the body shuts down.

Our Science of Sleep fragments the sleep into different stages as per the brain wave activities and the ancillary physiological movements in the limbs, the breathing muscles, the muscles of the organs and the sequelae of the Unseen within the brain. After having decided on a framework of ‘normality’ after observing thousands of sleep diagnostics, ‘dis-order’ or even ‘disease’ of sleep is classified under sleepiness or sleeplessness of which there are now expanding subsets of ab-normal states. We have whole disciplines of Sleep Science, Sleep Physiology, Sleep Medicine and even Sleep Neuropsychiatry dedicated to the study of sleep. Yet, we are missing a vital clue in our evolutionary understanding of sleep.

Serge Benhayon proposes to humanity: “what if sleep is related to the quality of how one lives the human body during the day?” What if it is not the time-treasured notion of the wake-sleep cycle, but the universality of the ‘motion-and-repose’ cycle that naturally prescribes the quality of the day-and-sleep cycle?

"Divine Order is the vibration or movement known as Repose, while the vibration of the Divine Plan is a movement known as Motion."

Serge Benhayon Livingness 76, September 2019

In all of his exposing prophecies, Serge Benhayon emphasises the innate capacity of every being to choose and to reconnect to the immense wisdom and intelligence beyond the human frame. We are comprised of particles that are part of the Divine Order and therefore imprinted with the infinite grandness of the multidimensional intelligence these universal particles carry beyond the finite limitation of time. If the Sun-Moon-Earth cycle is a continuum of the light-and-dark according to the seen perspective of an observer at any angle in space, then there is no ‘day’ or ‘night’ but a cycle of movement or stillness, regardless of the state of the observer.

Through the Master Philosopher’s astute eyes, Serge Benhayon unveils the underlying truth of sleep: it is a divine instrument of our return to the multidimensional intelligence and divine way of living when the particles of the body are no longer dictated by time, yet by space. Such a way of living would be living in the Divine Plan and not in the perpetual reaction of human events.

From the philosopher’s broad observation, ‘space’ is the quality of the universal in a cycle of evolutionary advance as a being in the human frame. A human being can live in the space with physical awareness that ‘love’ only means originating generations of children, study, work and enjoyment of life, but in this way society can only replicate linearly: therefore the human family only grows linearly. If the human understanding of ‘love’ meant the being is naturally divine, far greater and pre-planned than intended by our physical realm, then the same human family must deepen through the daily movements of ‘love’ originated from the quality of divine intelligence. This ‘love’ would mean waking hours are more adaptive, responsive, harmonious and enriching, dissolving the energies that complicate human life and as a result sleep becomes naturally revitalising, regenerating and healing.

Sleeplessness and sleepiness are globally prevalent. While the conditions of exhaustion and sleepiness continue to rise, more people are sleep-deprived than ever before: statistics show that up to a quarter of 20 to 40 year-olds are affected, up to a third of the adult US population suffer from insomnia, and a fifth of the country’s population take regular sleep medication, revealing a worrying global movement of a sort of love that is not nurturing for humanity[1]. While we actively endeavour to find the ‘cure’ and demand every sort of stimulant and sedative to address the ‘duration’ (e.g. 7 hours for ‘optimal’ sleep) and ‘quality’ (e.g. presence of the different brain wave stages) of sleep, we have been focussing on the mechanics of sleep rather than what, how, and the ways we live when we are awake.

This paradoxical irony is how the being becomes lost in the constant search for the elusive answer: while the multiplicity of the population sustains the civilisation, the true depth of productivity can never be fulfilled because lives are spent in distraction, and where there are valuable human energies expended in perfecting the distractions, the body continues to wear, tear and age under the strain of such dis-ordered movement of the body.

Serge Benhayon summates that the truly ‘enriching human life’ is not just about recognising and fixing the ills, because addressing only this feeds the lesser cycle of supply-and-demand in the macro-economics of human life. Even at the peak of its own intelligence, the human cannot be enriched without the realisation it is divine and is innately intelligent and can readily align to the movement of the Soul that intimately understands the motion and repose cycle of the entire Universe.

Sleep is the fundamental outplay of the Universal Physics, and the true quality of sleep is only revealed through understanding this as a daily cycle of motion and repose.


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