Slavery under a new name – evil reinvents itself

Slavery Under a New Name – Evil Reinvents Itself

Slavery under a new name – evil reinvents itself

When asked the question, ‘When did slavery officially end?’ we could easily reel off dates such as December 1865 when the 13th amendment formally abolished slavery in the USA, or Australia in 1873 when slavery was outlawed by the British Empire, and contemporarily, Mauritania, said to be the last country in the world to abolish slavery in 1981. But this is far from the shocking truth. The fact is that in this day and era we have more slavery than ever. Every year thousands upon thousands of girls, women, men and boys are taken from their homes, their homeland, to be used, abused, bought and sold.

"We have more slavery today than we did back then. It’s got a new name. It’s called people trafficking."

Serge Benhayon, December 2014

In the USA sex trafficking is high on the agenda. The buying and selling of young girls rates as the second most lucrative and fastest growing business in organized crime, competitive with the gun and drug trade. Why? Because with the current demand for underage sex you can re-sell young girls or boys many times a day – you can only sell a bag of drugs or fire-arms once.

What has happened to allow a human being to be treated as a commodity to be bought and sold at the will of another? What kind of society would spawn such a travesty of relationship? What is the energetic lay of the land?

With the assault of the media entering every home, it can be easily seen that we have created a means of accelerating the already existent hot bed of perverted relationship to counter true human evolution: abusive relationships between men and women, men and men, women and women, adults and children are at an all-time high with countless homes infested by the behaviours of domestic subservience and domination; schools and work places are literally breeding grounds of bullies and victims; we have corruption and exploitation as a mode of relationship being lived out in arenas both corporate and domestic; added to this we have the fact of younger and younger girls being sexualized by the media – internet pornography is available on-tap for teenagers through their mobile phones. As Jessica Bennet writes in Newsweek re the ‘pornification’ of a generation: ‘Latex, corsets and stripper heels, once the fashion of porn stars, have made their way into middle and high school . . . In a market that sells high heels for babies and thongs for tweens, it doesn’t take a genius to see that sex, if not porn, has invaded our lives’.[1]

Our ‘culture’ is literally grooming our children and teenagers to be available for pimps and sexual predators and there is very little reflection offered of a truly truthful, joyful, loving way of living to be had around the traps of creation’s domain which is, in reality, a soap-opera playing out every scenario from the ‘lowest’ obviously degrading, raping and brutal set-up to the less obvious but nonetheless brutal, raping scenario of the sophisticated and ‘refined’ cruci-fictions offered by ‘high culture’ – classical music and opera, film and art.

The way we relate to each other, run our lives, and what we demand and think we can ‘own’, germinates the fertile grounds for slavery and all other crimes against humanity to proliferate. Slavery does not come out of nowhere – the billion dollar sex industry, including sex slavery, is built on the back of the pornography, music, and entertainment industry, which in itself demonstrates the way we have reduced the true nature of our relationships into one of ‘using’ or ‘owning’ another.

How can we turn and simply point our finger and talk about ‘the disgusting state of our society’? We are this society – for the most part we are either the initiators of it or the enablers of it. We know we live in a world of ‘supply and demand’ and the product is only there because we have demanded it. If we refuse to buy a product it will not be financially viable for it to be supplied. So who buys it? According to investigative journalist Tim Swarens who has spent more than a year conducting an inquiry into the sex trade in the USA, ’They could be your co-worker, doctor, pastor or spouse’.[2] Research across the board confirms that the purchase of underage sex is happening within every level of neighbourhood.

Further, a culture of tolerance supports the supply and demand for slavery and sex trafficking: The International Review of Penal Law states: ‘A culture of tolerance surrounds the marketplace of commercial sexual exploitation . . . Cultures of toleration differ . . . within countries or even cities, but the essence is the same: societal acceptance backed by political tolerance. Marketplaces of commercial sexual exploitation require some level of tolerance within the community in order to exist’.[3]

And, far away from the shadows of the stark neon city lights where many millions more are robbed of their childhood, innocence, and purity, modern slavery exists in other forms: bonded labour, domestic and child labour, child soldiers, child marriage, forced marriage at any age, domestic abuse – and the slave cast that still exists in many cultures.

Slavery can occur at any age and in any gender or race. Even in the supposed ‘squeaky clean’ countries slavery exists: the industries in Australia supplying our largest supermarket chains and fast food outlets have been subjecting the migrant workers, who pick, pack, and process our meat, fruit and vegetables, to extreme and abusive treatment and slave-like conditions, with employers holding them captive, confiscating their passports, and in some cases raping them: ‘Almost every fresh product that you pick up... will have passed through the hands of workers who have been fundamentally exploited,’ says an Australian Workers Union Official.[4] And with the proliferation of social media websites promoting ‘internet brides’ in Australia there have been growing reports of these women being abused, imprisoned and exploited in their homes. ‘We have seen some horrendous cases where there's been really severe physical violence and where women have simply felt unable to leave the house,’ migration lawyer Kathy Bogoyev reports.[5]

What makes us want to own and enslave another in any way shape or form? What allows us to create something in our world that we would never truly wish upon our own children or fellow human being, and then make it not our business. It is our business to talk about – discussions with family, community and in work-places, discussions that elevate our awareness on this subject, and pave the way to expose that this evil has not been wiped out but has reinvented itself under a new name.

The fact that this behaviour proliferates in someone else’s home, or far away in other lands makes it no less personal. So, let’s get a bit more personal. Do we seek ‘mastership’ or control over another in an attempt to quiet the gnawing unsettlement that we ourselves carry when we are not addressing our own pain, our own lack of love, truth and harmony? How else are we to be ‘powerful’ in a world that reeks of the degradation of human beings? When, from the day we are born society makes it clear that we can never be enough.

Slavery blackmails, threatens and controls through all manner of ways, through a look, a movement or a comment. It is part of a consciousness, a ‘thought stream’, that we have in some way agreed to and bought into, that does not belong to the truth of who we are, but from which we have created our current reality – a consciousness held fast by certain false beliefs and hurts, both obvious and subtle in nuance, that we can either continue to feed, or not, depending on the very way we act and think.

Serge Benhayon defines the term ‘consciousness:

"In its active state a consciousness is a conglomerate of impulsed expressions that are collected and thus, collectively, they express back the same quality of impulses that were grouped into its formation."

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, ed 2, p 27

The quality of consciousness is in the very way we live and breathe, our relationship with our self, the way we think about others, the way we communicate and relate – everything we do creates our conscious reality, which we in turn, offer to the world.

As prophesied by Serge Benhayon:

"It will come to pass that man will know that all stems from the living quality of consciousness."

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, ed 2, p 7

When we look at our society as a whole we can clearly see that the energy we have chosen as our source for human existence is resistant to the true evolution of humanity – we chronically ignore love, truth, Brotherhood and union.[6] Ill thought, ill-behaviour, ill-health abound in our world. How can we imagine that we are evolving when there is still an estimated 40 million people in a state of slavery? The human spirit will in fact use any means to avoid evolving back to the glory of the Soul – a unified state of being where the dynamic known as slavery cannot exist. The human spirit deliberately sets up a drama of suffering to distract itself from feeling the un-quellable restlessness at being fragmented from the Soul. And it obstinately sticks to its fictional individuality and myths of ‘ownership’ as a way of life . . . further insisting upon disseminating its fiction of the ‘progress’ and ‘betterment ‘of an already diseased and invalid world. This is the true energetic lay of the land behind slavery.

A pertinent example of this is a recent proposition put forward by entrepreneur and businessman Elon Musk concerning Artificial Intelligence. He promotes ‘bettering’ our ill-condition by making life ‘multi-planetary’ (note: not multidimensional). He proposes the development of a viable inter-planetary shuttle service that will enable the establishment of a seat of civilisation to be set up, ideally, on Mars, to be the guardians of intelligence on earth. In other words he is the vehicle through which a plan has been hatched as a substitute ‘copy’ for the stupendous Universal plan of Evolution being perpetually offered to all of us who currently inhabit this plane of life. This ‘copy’ involves setting up an ‘interface’ between Artificial Intelligence and the human brain so that humanity will be able to ‘keep up’ with the functional and technological ‘advances’ made by Artificial Intelligence – an absurd state of affairs where the cure of a diseased way of being will supposedly be cured by the already diseased way of thinking that created it! The proposed ‘interface’ consists of an implant inserted by a tiny needle into the human brain, aptly named ‘Neural Lace’ – an ultra-thin mesh of electrodes. The Lace encompasses and integrates itself with the human brain, giving human access to the deceptive ‘brilliance’ of Artificial Intelligence. This mind-boggling situation illustrates the absolute denial of the beauty of the ever-present innate wisdom that is within every child, woman and man, and is a directly visible and literal play-out of what the human race is already doing by living in a way that allows such crimes as human trafficking to be able to occur: that is, freely electing to become enslaved by an intelligence that is actually far lesser than its own grand and innate multidimensional intelligence. Under the illusion that the functional mind is the ‘all’, the Musk plan to ‘better’ the situation is an externalization of our already diseased way of life – a massive, sophisticated, and insane lie and distraction.

Evolution is not and never will be realized by what we can manifest or create in this world but by how much the truth of who we really are is lived in relationship with one another and with everything. Vibrationally speaking, slavery is in fact an ‘intelligence’, which comes from a source that is not truly intelligent about relationship at all and is in fact entirely destructive to the human being – and by buying into this lesser grade intelligence we relocate ourselves away from who we truly are. In this reduced way of life we have forgotten the truth of who we are.

The descent in 2011 of the Soul Consciousness unto the physical plane of life, as prophesied by the consummate seer Serge Benhayon in 2009, has indeed occurred, offering an acceleration of our evolution back to Soul, over and above the magnetic pull of evolution given to us all equally by God, and making available and accessible for us an enormous light, awareness and power that ensures that eventually none of our false creation will be kept hidden:

"If there is within you any sorrow, sadness, child-abuse and or slavery tendencies, contraband, sexual-sordidness (pornography), corruption, embezzlement, greed, conniving, jealousy and treachery – IT WILL BE KNOWN. No longer will any man, group, company or assembly be able to hide his or her waywardness, dilemmas and or the undercover use of astral forces for self-interest or, the group's self-interest-means and get away with it for lifetimes as was the case in the Dark Ages, before then and, at all times leading up to the start of the first day of the year 2000.
In addition, governments everywhere, the main religions and their many direct and indirect religious groups and, the indigenous cultures across all continents will be exposed if they are not from the fiery source of life. The light of the Soul Consciousness (the entire light of Christ) is fully descending unto the physical plane of life so that it can help us all re-claim the aspect that separated from the Soul, and in that separation, created the ill waywardness we have since then ill endured. That full descension completes itself on the last day of the year 2011."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, ed 1, p 460 - 463


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