Earth calling Mars – Want some irresponsible tenants?

Earth calling Mars – Want some irresponsible tenants?

Earth calling Mars – Want some irresponsible tenants?

Did you know there is a race to land humans on Mars?

Surely, to consider the subject of inhabiting another planet in our solar system, to plan or even broach the topic at all, could be as bizarre and inappropriate as asking an angry person to look after your finest china. If you were the landlord of Mars and looked through our Earth’s history, would you consider that Family Humanity would be classed as suitable prospective tenants to this unsuspecting planet?

Hmm, let’s see. Have we kept our back yard clean, up-kept the premises in the quality with which it was offered, paid our rent on time, not disturbed our neighbours, adhered to the written and unwritten code of duty of care and responsibility? When considering letting out our own home, we would diligently research prospective tenants, check out prior rental history and present them a binding lease to sign – one that calls for the ultimate in respect and responsibility, and that asks them to leave the house, as a baseline, in the condition that they found it.

Family Humanity has a poor record when it comes to caring for its environment, let alone the physical body and true nature of the human being that populates Earth. We are the so-called ‘top’ species on this planet and yet we are, by our own admission, unsustainable.

But why do we want, or need to, escape this planet . . . are we looking for greener pastures, accolades for technological advancements, or is it just a seriously expensive distraction in relation to our current way of living? Our home Earth is soiled with blatant, rampant disregard in the form of pollution, war, collapsed economies, overrun health systems, overeating, malnutrition, substance abuse, suicide and depression, religious persecution, abusive relationships, poverty, indulgent decadence . . . the list goes on, and on . . .

We, Family Humanity, as we are currently behaving, would have to be without a doubt the worst tenants in the Universe and any effort we make to right the wrongs, find solutions, or seemingly correct our waywardness is swamped by the next wave of human and planetary devastation. A true correction is needed, but are we willing to look further than our Pinocchio nose to feel the depths of what is truly going on? Are we willing to look at our relationship with responsibility and admit that, as horrible as it is, we still play out and accept wildly irresponsible behaviour and abuse in its many forms as a normal part of life. And, in truth, there is no such thing as an ‘innocent bystander’ – in truth looking the other way does not cut it.

Is tolerance the key? We are fed ‘tolerance’ and yet it has been proven time and time again throughout history that tolerance is not the answer, in fact it is part of the problem. Ongoing wars today have been seeded, hundreds if not thousands of years ago, from the bitterness that comes from fostering tolerance. Who wants to be ‘tolerated’? The word itself lives and breathes separation, non-acceptance and contempt, creating seething frustrations that lie dormant, sometimes over generations, like a rumbling volcano just waiting to blow. Subscribing to tolerance merely wallpapers over the truth of harmony and equality and becomes a convenient alibi for choosing a superior stance rather than the absolute harmony of true acceptance.

And so planet Earth becomes a throwaway item, our relationships dispensable, as Family Humanity with blinkers firmly set, seizes on another horizon to impose its fatal stamp of temporal arrogance. Deja vu? – Watch this space.

But there is another already known way of living, a way that has been known through the Ages, a way that is constantly overlooked for its simplicity and avoided because it shakes and wakes up our relationship to responsibility, and in living it, reveals much about our past and present irresponsibilities.

But, if we are willing to go there, and love ourselves and each other enough to begin to let go of our layers of protections, our personal hurts and tolerances and surrender to the one thing that binds us, and that every single one of us without exception can be a part of – our own relationship with Truth and Love – the return to our true selves and way of life begins.

We have witnessed many great sages throughout time – Buddha, Yeshua, Plato and Pythagoras, and there are many more. We hold their words of wisdom up as a banner of protest against all that we know is ‘wrong in the world’, but pay little heed to living the truth of them in our own lives. We were never meant to hold such magnificent philosophy as words on a placard or ideas in our head, but as a truth to be lived through the body, in our relationships, in the very way we move and speak, so to become the love and light that paves the way. Twenty-first Century sage Serge Benhayon delivers this all-encompassing, holistic way completely, in the living study of the energetic truth and what that means in soulful, spiritual and practical terms in life – Ageless Wisdom in the modern world. And so instead of ‘moving out’, we surrender inward, to the jewel in the crown, to our own inner wisdom and the deep knowing that we can only truly heal on this planet when we are One.

Who wants to live on Mars when we can live in and with the deepening love and truth that delivers us divinely into the beauty of each other and further into the grandness of the Universe, far more than we would ever have imagined.

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter