The question of evolution

The question of evolution

The question of evolution

In 2002 the company SpaceX was formed with the goal of developing the rockets and life sustaining technologies that will allow human beings to leave earth and populate other planets.

Company founder Elon Musk has made the claim that through the development of such technology, mankind will make its next essential evolutionary step. This project, with its ambitious intent, has excited many people, for it proffers the ultimate in adventure; a sci-fi lover’s dream made real, where cutting edge technology conquers the infinite frontier of space. No doubt the social and economic potential of taking over uncharted and uninhabited planets has piqued the interest of people interested in harvesting their abundant natural resources. These potential gains have been further sweetened by the notion that in launching ourselves into space we as a species are evolving. We are taking another great developmental stride away from the primitive, limited animals that are believed to be our progenitors. A win, win, win situation surely.

And it sounds so compellingly believable, the claim that human beings at last have a conscious hand in evolutionary process through technological advancement. The successful rocket launches made by SpaceX, with their capacity to recover rockets and re-launch them, have lent weight and credence to the belief that not only is human habitation on another planet possible, it is the next inevitable step in our advancement – it seems to be our destiny as the species placed at the very peak of the evolutionary tree on earth.

Evolutionary theory is something that we are all familiar with to one degree or another, and the majority of people have come to accept it as absolute fact and an unarguable truth.

The theory itself is held in the same esteem as the theory of gravitation. In both cases the details of its mechanisms change as science makes new discoveries, but none dare challenge the central tenet. The tenet of evolutionary theory is that we are the pinnacle and thus far end point of a slow, biologically and genetically driven and environmentally influenced adaptive process that has over eons of time transformed single celled organisms into multi-celled organisms of increasing complexity. This is the process by which all of the rich and multitudinous forms of life on earth have been made. It is understood to be driven by random changes – the advantageous ones provide an edge on survival that allows the new organism to thrive. Disadvantageous changes soon die out.

In this eons long story, we human beings have placed ourselves at its pinnacle.

We are not only the creators of this theory, we are its apotheosis.

We imagine that the hand of randomness has liberated us from primitive notions of beliefs in and dependence upon a God.

We, using our finely honed intellects, have laid down the parameters for what constitutes and determines the nature of evolution.

We have used this theory to claim our domination over earth, its other inhabitants and resources.

We have used our survival as justification of our fitness to rule.

Evolutionary theory is taught to children from the earliest years of their education. It is a foundational principle of high school and university education. The theory is reinforced in our modern literature and entertainment. Wildlife documentaries portray the evolutionary story, capturing its long and winding chapters through beautiful images of animals, exemplifying their traits and behaviours as evidence of the step-by-step process that transformed an amoeba into a man.

The fact that this theory remains unproven is rarely if ever discussed. It is a hypothesis; and if we are willing to be so honest, it is a belief with scientific endorsement.

So strongly is it held and so aggressively is it defended in this day and age, that anyone who seriously and honestly questions the evolutionary model is treated with contempt and dismissed out of hand as regressive, anti-scientific, and bereft of credibility. Hence no one dare argue with its precepts for fear of being made ridiculous.

As scientists search for the missing link, the undiscovered bones of the hominid ancestor that will irrefutably stitch modern man to its presumed ape-ish roots, there is another striking and crucial link that they are failing to see.

The real missing link is the stark gap between the place we have awarded ourselves at the peak of the evolutionary process and the reality of human life as it is lived on this planet.

Sobering evidence of the gap is listed below:

  • We have nations torn apart by seemingly unstoppable wars. Images of men, women and children horrifically wounded by bombs, others gasping for breath after sarin gas attacks, litter the pages of our media and social media. Most people are outraged as the United Nations proves itself to be ineffectual time and time again in stopping conflict. New wars flare across the globe. Nations that seem to be free of conflict are responsible for providing the armaments that kill and maim; their hands are not clean. Religion, culture, economic advantage and disadvantage are the prime drivers for this violence – as they have been for thousands of years beyond count. Nothing but the materiel of war has changed.
  • Human slavery, now referred to by the “cleaner” term “human trafficking”, is still prevalent across this world. No nation is free of this human rights abuse. No authority knows how to stop it. ‘Civilised’ people from developed nations enjoy the benefits, experienced through cheap clothing, cheap products, and cheap, readily available sex (with minors) when they holiday in certain nations.
  • Domestic violence has reached a pitch that is out of the bounds of control by our authorities. We must be willing to see the whole picture of this violence, and not just a portion of it – for this is not just the abuse men enact against women. It is violence that women also take out on their male partners. It is the violence that blights same-sex couples. It is the violence that parents mete out onto their children, and children onto their parents and siblings.
  • The scandal of institutionalised child abuse has rocked, and continues to rock the world. The churches, government and legal institutions that claim to be the protectors and saviours of their people have knowingly harboured and protected paedophiles and turned a blind eye to the indecent abuse of children for the gratification of psychologically ill men and women.
  • Paedophile rings abound across the globe. The black market for Internet paedophilic content is an ocean that no legal levee wall is high enough to keep back. Law enforcement agencies are unable to cope with the extent, scope and depth of the problem. It is coming to light that some members of law enforcement agencies are a part of the problem.
  • Cyber abuse and cyber bullying are rampant. Social media platforms make claims about protection of their users that are unbacked by effective action. Again, the law enforcement agencies are powerless to act. They are hamstrung by unresponsive and out-of-date laws and impeded by the fact that too many authorities do not take the problem seriously. Yet children and adults have been pushed to self-harm and suicide in numbers that are alarming. Even one suicide from cyber abuse is one too many.
  • Racism, sexism, bigotry against freedom of sexual expression, hatred on the basis of culture, all flourish underneath the veneer of political correctness. We are horrified by the election of clearly inept, insular and self-referential world leaders who take nations to the brink of, or dive recklessly into conflict, but we are not equally horrified that this way of thinking has always pervaded every facet of human life. Whilst it has not been ‘in our faces’ we have been happy to ignore it.
  • The rates of people suffering from depression and anxiety are at an all time peak, globally. These conditions affect the people of every nation, regardless of economic status and quality of life rankings for the places in which they live.
  • Doctors are committing suicide at an appalling and increasing rate. This marks the depth of psychological illness in humanity, for even our healthcare providers cannot find joy and purpose to sustain them in life.
  • Chronic illnesses abound, keeping pace then outstripping the capacity of medicine to keep up. The heart disease, diabetes and obesity that once afflicted wealthy nations have spread to developing nations. It seems that developed nations are more willing to share their diseases and ill quality of life than their wealth.
  • Human beings conduct acts of appalling animal cruelty on an industrial scale in the name of prosperity and ‘healthy’ share dividends. The quality of our food degenerates as animals’ bodies are abused to churn out a product of dubious nutritional value. No one seems to care, as long as they get the products they want and for the right price.
  • So too have we made normal and institutionalised flagrant environmental recklessness, ruining vast tracts of this planet for profit and political/economic/racial supremacy.

Is this enough of the awful truth of what actually constitutes life on this planet of ours?

Or do we prefer to see only the advanced and sophisticated image we have projected of ourselves on the walls of our minds? Evolution’s peak, masters of technology, at last glimpsing the possibility of leaving forever the planet that birthed us and spreading ourselves beyond the ring-pass-not of its gravitational pull?

Some readers will argue that in presenting only the bad, an unduly negative view is created, overlooking the great good that people are capable of. But how can we even consider or champion pockets of ‘good’ when the travesty of abuse abounds on this earth? When we attempt to balance the good against the bad we reduce the quality of human life to an accounting system in which earnings of ‘good’ somehow magically overweight, obliterate and nullify the debt of ‘bad’. The truth is that our debt is enormous, and cannot be conveniently wiped away by any measure of good to make the slate clean.

The fact is that this list of horrors merely scratches the surface of what human life is and always has been on this planet. Although we have evolved to some degree, grown beyond the more grotesque forms of brutality that ‘decorated’ our behaviours in times past, these abuses, sustained by our arrogance and ignorance, remain with us today, flourishing at every level of society. For all of our technological advancement, we are a most careless and disregarding form of life.

That we have evolved beyond a very grotesque level is clear, but in a Universal context we are very, very far behind.

And we must take heed of this fact, for if we take leave of this planet in the profound illusion that building a rocket represents evolution, what we take with us is not just the good... we take everything that is bad and ugly. They are an inextricable part of who we currently are as a species and all that we all represent. For no part is inseparable from the whole to which it belongs.

As the SpaceX project develops its rockets apace, garnering international attention, potentially realising Star Wars fantasies and building excited visions of what could be as we spread ourselves into the deeps of space.

We need to ask ourselves...

How evolved are we in Truth?

"What determines evolution? Or better still, what determines our specific form of evolution? Answer: Evolution is not determined by what we can create or manifest but how much of who we truly are can be lived outwardly and with each other. When we can fully externalise what our inner-most is we will have evolved in full. It is then that we will begin our next round of evolution elsewhere, the place we long ago left behind. Have we evolved from a very low stoop into what was an unnecessary vile, and therefore, have we only evolved relative to the level of waywardness and not in-truth relative to who we truly are?"

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time

We must consider these questions with the deepest of respect and most serious concern. Now is the time to do so, for we can no longer delay and trust that the scientists at the forefront of our proclaimed progress will provide the answers they have never to date provided for the moral, ethical and social dilemmas they create.

For if we are to leave the bounds of our mothering Earth, we must consider what is the exact quality that we are taking beyond its perimeter to another planet, and perhaps, ultimately another solar system or distant galaxy. If we allow ourselves to be captured by dreams of unimaginable frontiers conquered by great women and men, of ‘going where no man has gone before’, we may convince ourselves that this technological and technical achievement will somehow magically provide us with the insight and wisdom to avoid or skilfully manage its inevitable consequences.

How readily we forget the problems we humans generate with every advancing solution we create.

The SpaceX project calls for an honest appraisal of the exact quality of human life we are living today and have lived up until this moment – and this means all of us and not the select few. We must peel our eyes of the veil of fantasy that has blinded us to the way human life actually is and look with steadfast openness through the glimmering dream to penetrate the nightmare we have made this planet to be. It is pure illusion to imagine that we can take the good parts, our highest aspirations and ideals, and leave the dross of desperation, violence, abuse, acquisitiveness, enslavement and greed behind. The evidence for this lies indelibly in our history, for never have we, in any of our endeavours to date, left behind these qualities that have over and over again proven themselves to be our ruination.

Such contemplation, undertaken with the will to touch upon truth, reveals with painful clarity the trajectory that we have set for ourselves from the first time we made our human presence felt on this plane of life. Every conquest on this planet has set forth based on an ideal, be it the spread of a superior civilisation, the spread of a ‘superior’ religious faith or the harvesting of untapped resources. Yet the results have been mass death, torture, rape, slavery, the spread of disease – the ice-cold grip of the supremacist victors’ fist around the throat of the defeated. Surely, you may say, there is no victory to be won in the empty reaches of space, no life to annihilate, no conquest over that empty void.

To make such a statement reveals not only our ignorance at the nature of what space is (barely touched upon by studies into dark matter), but our profound ignorance of ourselves and the harm we are capable of producing, and have ever produced. If we measure our evolution by our capacity to build a rocket that will carry the illness of our current way of life to the reaches of space, we have missed the true purpose of evolution indeed. Our excitement over Musk’s vision demonstrates how little we understand evolution and the responsible role we have in undertaking its true steps back our source.

We have missed the true purpose that human life offers us, and the greatest science innate in every one of us.

The real frontier is that one that lies within ourselves. It is present in us all, yet it is the one that has remained untouched by the vast majority of our human species. It is the essence of who we are, our Soul.

Ever it beckons us to align our Will to its purpose – true Evolution, the Livingness of the human Soul on earth.

For when we apply ourselves with dedication to the Way of our Soul, we align ourselves with Universe, the omnipresent constellation of the stars and the multidimensionality of space that infuses the very fabric of our being.

That is what we are here to live; that is the subtle yet ever present call of evolution. To know ourselves, and thus know Universal Law and the vast and incomprehensibly beautiful nature of God. Dare we take one step away from this Truth, rocket our unresolved ways into the magnificence that is the Universe?

Or do we have the courage, humbleness and Will to live the Science of the Soul on earth; hence live, walk and breathe the magnificence of the Universe on earth in a human body?

For this is The Way of The Livingness. Its living way is the essence of evolution, and the next true step for the human species on this earth.

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