God is immanent

God for me is someone deeply felt and deeply known – there is no doubt or question about Him. When I turn my focus inward – sometimes it helps to close my eyes, but not necessary – and connect with my inner-heart, I can feel His love and the way he holds me as one with Him. That same love then radiates out from my heart.

I also see God confirmed and reflected to me outside of myself: in the colours of a sunrise, the song of a bird, the spark in people’s eyes, the texture and glow in somebody’s hair or in the cheekiness and playfulness that we can express to each other. All this confirms what I can feel in my heart.

God gives me free will – His love is always there, but what I do with it is up to me. However, when I allow myself to embrace that love and let it in, I cannot help but share it equally with everyone by connecting with people through my eyes, the tenderness in my touch, the tone in my voice, the choice of my words when I express what I feel and think, in the way I walk and move, even in the way I eat, dress, sleep, shower and make love.

Religion used to be about renouncing the body and emptying the mind – it used to be a solemn and strict discipline. It seemed very judgmental and “having fun” was not something I associated with its practice. I felt stifled and powerless but at the same time always felt this deep reverence towards God.

Today my feeling of sacredness is felt inside my own body; it is felt as a deep stillness and joy that I can choose to connect to. I know how to treat my body with the respect and self-loving rituals that enable me to connect to this feeling, and I make those same choices constantly every day, again and again.

True religion is ALL about honouring the body and refining its quality, which then will determine the quality of my thoughts and my actions.

For example: the brain that produces thoughts is part of the body, so if I drink alcohol or eat gluten I know today that it compromises my body and especially my brain so its function is reduced and my capacity to think clearly is limited. So for me to not eat gluten and live with abstinence is not a hard discipline, it is an act of honour towards my body; a responsibility I hold towards my brothers and sisters (fellow human beings) and my veneration for God and everything that is divine.

The Way of The Livingness – our true religion – is everything life holds for me: it lives inside my heart, it gets me out of bed in the morning and makes me smile. To offer the human skills I have in service for this divine purpose brings enormous joy and is everything to live for.

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  • By Judith Andras, Medical Store Consultant and Naturopath

    Works as a sales advisor and practitioner for a German medical supply chain and is dedicated to bringing joy and probity back into everybody’s life.