Religion is a living connection

Religion is a way of living a loving way of life with everyone, with humanity. It is about people in every way that I live and how I am with everyone – with family, a friend, at work, the shopping centre, a walk down the street and a simple ‘hello’ to another . . . everywhere where there are people.

But before I can be all this with others, I need to be this with myself, living in a way where I have a relationship with me that is about connection.

Connection to what?

The connection to me within, knowing that within me is the richness of love and joy, the essence of the eternal love of Divinity, that cannot be given to me from the outside. Divinity is the all!

Living from my essence is in every moment a choice, to live religiously:

Every day as my connection deepens and becomes more solid and real; as I nurture this within me. The love and joy I feel within becomes more and more palpable and the way I look at the world is with such openness, love and understanding. There is a natural commitment to life. This connection within me – divinity, my friend – I bring to every meeting I have with another. It can’t be helped, because living religiously I see everyone as the same as me: we are equal, we all have this wealth of love within, it is who we are, but not all of us access it – we seek it outside of us, forever chasing it, but it never sustains . . .

Religion is my relationship with divinity and from there I share this with all in my relationships. We are all the same and equally so in the essence of our love.

Religion is not a private affair but a shared love affair.

I live religiously in every way and yes, even in my workplace. Religion for me is very practical! I work in an environment where every day I see the harshness of life and the suffering of many: the domestic violence, drug abuse, mental health challenges, family problems and the many people who are in a lot of pain deep within.

In my work, as in my whole life, I live and work from connection; it is all about connecting with everyone and making it about relationships. It is from this connection I feel true compassion – not sympathy but the true value, care and understanding of another. This allows the other to open up and feel valued – because they are valuable, we all are!

I simply hold everyone in love. Yes at times it can be challenging but then this comes back to my relationship with me, why is it challenging, am I living from Divinity in this moment?

Connection within me brings depth to my relationships, first with me and then everyone I connect with, as I bring the quality of love into everyday living.

Religion is a living connection with all!

It is not just for me

It is for US ALL!

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  • By Karoline Pearson

  • Photography: Cameron Martin, Video and Photography