My living religion, relationship and Livingness

With the true meaning of religion being to re-connect, to be in relationship, I am a religious person.

I continually commit – on a daily basis – to re-connect firstly to myself and therefore take myself in that connection to all that I do. I do this firstly by taking a moment at the start of my day to check in with how I am feeling and by choosing to breathe in a way that holds the quality of gentleness, based on the Gentle Breath Meditation. I then continue to do this during the day and keep bringing my awareness to how I am feeling.

As I live my day, choosing to be with this connection, it enables a true connection with others. This true connection leads to an appreciation and understanding of others at a much deeper level, and it is here that judgements fall away as I see the equality and divinity in the beings that we truly are.

I work as a Civil Celebrant and as a result I see many people, at a time that is usually very emotional for them, as they are preparing a funeral or end of life celebration for a loved one. I enjoy truly meeting them, connecting with them and choosing to express the connection I feel, so they have the opportunity to feel it for themselves. I notice that most people open up as I meet them this way and they recognise and feel the love that on some level they know themselves to be, even if they have not yet fully re-connected to it for themselves.

This is true religion, re-connecting to ourselves and to all as the Sons of God we truly are, being in relationship with ourselves and others, and feeling the love in all and expressing it equally so.

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  • By Beverley Bulmer, Independent Civil Celebrant

    Beverley's love of people and attention for detail supports her in offering bespoke ceremonies for all of life's occasions, along with a caring nature and keen interest for health, well-being and the philosophy of life, her playful sense of humour allows for laughter and joy in each day.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd