What is a religious life – living in equalness

Living a religious life: Living in Equalness

What is a religious life – living in equalness

Living religiously is living in the deep knowing that all life is equal – every single human being comes from love, or from God, whether they choose to live this way or not. But if we choose to reflect that in our everyday way of life, in jobs, in the supermarket, in the petrol station, in everything we do, then we are reflecting to others that this is possible instead of merely confirming to them that the lesser-way is acceptable and all there is – for it is absolutely not. We are so much more and it is simply a choice to either allow less or to live the all.

When we do live the all, we cannot help but know that each and every one of us is equal – within, underneath the skin and whatever may be going on, on the outside, we are all exactly the same – and we all come from the same grandness that is Divinity (whatever word we choose to describe it with).

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  • Photography: Leonne Sharkey, Bachelor of Communications

    For Leonne photography is about relationships, reflection and light. She is constantly amazed by the way a photo can show us all we need to know.