Religion – it’s all about the body

Religion – it’s all about the body

Religion – it’s all about the body

What if we are all naturally Divine and it is right there to be felt in the body? Would that turn our thoughts about religion on their head?

Read about how students of The Way of The Livingness understand their body to be an active and important part of their daily practices of re-connection and, an overall re-bonding with themselves and all life.

Helen Simkins
Helen Simkins, from NSW, Australia, shares:

“My body is always reminding me of who I am. But I stopped trusting what is inside me.

Somewhere along the way, I lost the awareness that it really is as simple as this – a truth found within and not sought in life outside of me. In my lost awareness, I lost my reason for being here – my purpose in life.

I have re-connected to the fact that, it’s right there, in my fingertips, in my walk, in my breath. It’s all right there in who I am in my body, if I just let it be ...

Oh my gosh, can it be this simple? And it’s taken quite a long time for me to bring it back to that simplicity. The quality that is in me just grows and grows and grows, and is in everything I do.

As I connect to this stillness within me, it then brings the quality that is in my body into my mind, and that then becomes the quality of my thoughts and of everything I do. I cannot believe I used to think of the mind and the body as two separate things. The beauty of living this way is something I will never turn my back on again.

Anne Cummings
Anne Cummings, from NSW, Australia shares:

“That magic inside me, it never left me – I just stopped trusting it. And from there we stop trusting others.

And trusting being in this world and that there is such a thing as true evolution, and a Divine Plan.

The only way I have found to connect with that magic again, is by connecting with my body.”

So what is Religion?

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