The Way of the Livingness is a religion and an all-encompassing way of life

The Way of The Livingness is my Religion. It is the religion I have known all my life.

For many years I walked away from what I knew, doubting the truth I felt deep within my heart, having been stung by life. But deep inside I always knew that where we are really from, and who we really are. Underneath all the wounds from life’s battleground, is pure, untainted love. I spent many years missing this love and looking for it again, often in the very wrong places.

Until one day I sat in a hall and heard one man speak and remind me of the truth I had always known. That man was Serge Benhayon and what he spoke of, on and off stage equally, with no exception, was a way of living that re-awakened every religious cell in my entire body.

This way, The Way of The Livingness, is now the bedrock of every aspect of my life.

It is how I eat, how I put myself to sleep, how I hang the laundry, how I type and everything else that makes up life. It is how I am with myself, with my family and friends, my colleagues and the entire world. I know I am the master of all of my choices, not a victim of life, but an eternal servant of it. At any given moment I am either the servant of God and the entire Universe, or I’m a servant of the age-old illusion that has kept humanity suffering for aeons. Which choice and master I align to is always up to me.

This means that I am free. Free to know myself in full, and to bring love and understanding to all my imperfections. In that understanding of myself, I understand and love humanity again.

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What exactly is The Livingness

Returning to our true essence that we felt as a child and how living from that quality creates a way of being.

These days I don’t carry the walls with me when I walk out of the house, for fear of being hurt by another. I used to live life withdrawn, fortressed up, protected, not really wanting to engage in life, at work, or amongst too many people. Now I love people to the brim. I can now see their unique beauty and sensitivity quietly there, often beneath the quirks and craziness of modern life, and the masks we put on and roles we play in order to cope. I know that none of us will ever be perfect, but that we are of the same Divine essence within.

I’m no longer bound by the restricted thinking that we are merely flesh and blood, and solo players in this world. I know that to think I have to strive for ‘it’ alone, is being caught in the illusion. I’m now free to know that all of us are part of something so much bigger that our human brain can’t compute or rationalise.

I now know that simply by the way I live, I’m a living science – showing that God’s love can be expressed on an earthly plane through the human body. I know my body is one of my greatest responsibilities to cherish and take care of. In doing so, I prepare one more earthly vessel for heaven’s glory to flow through its veins, and express. I know I’m the custodian of my body that belongs to the entire Universe.

The Way of the Livingness is a religion and an all-encompassing way of life that is super simple. Complications and struggles in life no longer dominate and overwhelm when we know we’re being held by the grandness of our own Soul. We feel our Soul’s love running through our veins because of choosing to live this simple way; a way of life that allows the inner forever burning flame that each of us has within, to warm our entire being and hold us in its steady, warm love as we embrace ourselves, humanity and everything life has to offer.

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  • By Katerina Nikolaidis, MA Hons PG Dip

    Change management professional and health & well-being practitioner, with a love for people and a fascination about life. There is so much more to us than we realise.

  • Photography: Emilia Power, Bachelor of Visual Communication, Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary)

    Emilia loves to have hearty, real deal, get to the truth of the matter conversations with people… Just ask her wife who is often waiting for her to wrap up a conversation in the shops. Emilia’s daily experiences of life, her love of people, and each new life lesson is what inspires her to write.