Where am I from? The myth of nationality

Where am I from? The Myth of Nationality and knowing who we truly are.

Where am I from? The myth of nationality

How many times have we all been asked – ”Where are you from?” And is the usual answer based on one’s place of birth, domicile, country, ethnicity, or citizenship and passport? It’s as if we are all labelled by the countries and cultures we are born in.

Humanity has always been in a state of flux, a movement of people from one place to another, sharing of cultures and philosophies, enforcing of religious ideals and ideologies through wars, invasions, mass killings, forces of nature (droughts, famines, floods, earthquakes...) in search of food, opportunities and lifestyles etc.

An endless ceaseless restless movement throughout time. But what is this restlessness that makes us constantly seek: is it to find a place of belonging or simply a longing to understand where we are from? In all of this, countries have come and gone, expanded or become smaller, cities wiped out and new ones arisen in their place. Nations are anything but an absolute.

The fact is, we seem to have bought into the illusion that our nationalities define us.

How can one be defined only by a nationality or a country when as a human being we are actually much more than that? Corporates are national or multinational – Nike, Audi, Kelloggs etc. – but not the human being. Hundreds of years ago, even thousands of years ago when kingdoms ruled across the lands, and even before agriculture and the concept of families came into being, man has been a nomad – a hunter – with no clear area of land or geography to claim as his own, yet there is still this sense of some deep need to belong. Is this deep need that we all have a want to belong to a certain place – a group of people where we feel understood, secure and even comforted? Or could it be possible that we innately know where we come from but the responsibility of that knowing is perhaps very daunting to even consider in our everyday scheme of things?

What if we stopped and pondered that we have gone off in a direction which has taken us away from our true inheritance – the knowledge of our origins?

The Ancientness of the Pyramids has always reflected to us our origins beyond this plane of life through time, heat and dust. The Gobekli Tepe’s stones stand in silence and are a reminder of days gone when mankind lived in a manner that kept them connected to who they were. These Ancient sites of grand precision and magnitude remind us that there is something older to the existence of man here on this planet. They are a testimony to advanced technologies, detailed architecture and astronomical alignment to the stars, reminding us that our knowledge of human history needs to be recalibrated.

What if we considered that WHERE WE ARE TRULY FROM can be felt and connected to through certain key aspects of life! Aspects of how we move, how we are, how we breathe, for instance, in our everyday lives.

What if we deeply consider the fact that any kind of seeking on the outside only triggers more of that deep unrest that we have been feeling since time unknown. That feeling of wanting to belong to something or someone and how this has made us the achieving, madly driven, highly competitive and comparative race of human beings that has taken us even further away from knowing where we are truly from. Humanity has been on an eternal quest to know its true origins and the uncertainty of this quest has brought about nothing but destruction, havoc and a life which is constantly on the edge.

"Is it possible that we deceivingly applaud most of our so-called progress and do so by a collective agreement that is underpinned by an unspoken stipulation that we refrain from contemplating the possibility that our past and our true ancestry may be even older than human form?"

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, ed 1, p 318

It is actually very simple: each time we look at the vast universe spread above us, we know there is something grander. Just looking at the stars shining bright is testimony to the fact that the world moves in a flow, in perfect rhythm that is part of a grand design. A design that is constantly shifting, changing, but the reflection is always the same. Stars do not live on the edge!

So, what if we adhered to this universal order? What if we unlearnt everything that has layered us with ideals, beliefs structures and concepts over thousands of years of conditioning, and went back to the drawing table – where we begin to reconnect to our innate ability to live in and with universal order . . . where we once again learn to relive the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom that pervades all, sees all, and yet remains eternally in observation of the all.

Back in time, many masters of The Ageless Wisdom have walked this plane of life and shown us how to live with rituals that grounded them to the Divine Universal order and made them deeply responsible for their actions. Hermes, Hercules, Imhotep, Krishna, Buddha, Zarathushtra, Yeshua, Mohammad, Dhwal Khul, El Morya and many more made life all about rhythms and connections, and in that they always knew where they were from. They were Alchemists of the highest order as they knew how to bring Universality into the smallest of things. They demystified it all by walking simple steady steps no matter how tough life was, or how challengingly humanity behaved with all the wars, destruction, killings, invasions since time itself began.

If we as a race of beings steadily learn to live these ancient rituals of order and magical flow once again, we will then be able to connect deeper into who we all truly are. We will be able to tap into that vast pool of magnificent Love, Wisdom, and Intelligence that we all belong to.

My own life’s experiences have led me on a journey which went round and round on the merry-go-round of ‘creation=life as we generally know it’. And yet I came up empty when it came to answering that burning question within me – “where am I from?”

To me the question – “Where are you from?” has always rankled, even as a little child travelling to many countries on summer holidays and living, studying, working in my early teens, 20s, 30s in different cities across the world.

It always felt that the underlying question being asked was – “Why are you here?” This question to me reflects a lack of depth and understanding of why we have our life experiences. What ought to matter is the experience, the journey of life that one has been on, not the cultural, citizenship, colour, or passport label. Surely this is not rocket science, even as we keep launching space shuttles one after the other in that eternal quest.

I have now learnt over the past years under the aegis of Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon to appreciate my own inner knowings, and there is yet so much more to deepen and to unfold. But there is no more quest within me. I know who I am! The sum of my lived experiences endeavours to adhere, most of the time, to a divine order of ritual and flow. In this I am now deepening my responsibilities of my true purpose here on planet Earth.

For me what always mattered was the Truth (although I was yet to deeply and consciously bring it to my everyday), and what matters more now is ‘How responsibly am I living?’ How much of my true reflection am I able to offer to those around me, my loved ones, my work colleagues, the society and the world at large?

How can I deeply feel into my purpose knowing that there is a Living thread that is vaster and greater than who I am as a human being? How can I change the name of the game by my movements and my connection to the grand universal scheme of things? How can I transform the false yet seemingly very real notions of nationalism, patriotism and cultural aspects that have become barriers in our world and stopped us from understanding that ultimately we are One.

Everything is constantly changing, evolving and being redefined by our experiences, and the Universe and the Stars serve as a reflection to humanity – a reflection of ‘oneness’ that we have chosen to ignore for far too long. How cool will it be then to begin any introduction to each other by being aware of this? To turn a complexity into simplicity by just allowing oneself to look into the other’s eyes – meet each other from that place of deep connection – and then we will know where the other is from, and where he/she is going and how our journeys are intrinsically linked with evolution.

The reflection of the stars and their wisdom in someone’s face and eyes – the rhythm of the divine in someone’s movements – is what gets me each time, every time, when I am playing ball with Evolution. A glorious, purpose-filled origin that sparks me each time I feel it in my bones.

Don’t ask me where I am from but rather ask me who I am!

For I am not just a citizen of one world – I come from many Worlds...

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  • By Chetan Jha