Yeshua, by the Christians known as Jesus

Yeshua, by the Christians known as Jesus

Yeshua, by the Christians known as Jesus

Each of the ages which the world has gone through approximately every two thousand years, as symbolised by their ruling zodiacal sign – Taurus, Aries, etc – has had its World Teacher or focaliser of the transmission for the next bestowal of the Ageless Wisdom.

Depending on its predominant energy, each era offers a possibility of acceleration for humanity’s Path of Return to the Divine Soul-full beings we all are in Truth, and this message is delivered by the World Teacher of that era. During the Age of Aries, from roughly 2000BC to 0AD, the World Teacher was Krishna, the author of the Bhagavad Gita. The previous Age of Taurus had been one of enormous decadence – of indulgence in wayward sensuality and the pursuit of glamour – and so the reigning energy of the Age of Aries to accelerate humanity on the Path of Return was discipline, taming the wayward desires of the physical animal body and bringing us more into alignment with our Divine nature through spiritual and mental disciplines. Hence Krishna’s core teachings in the Bhagavad Gita offered humanity practical guidelines and techniques for accomplishing this.

The Age of Pisces (~0AD - 2012AD) followed the Age of Aries, and its core teaching was brotherhood and its corollary, universal love, symbolized by the two fish swimming together in the symbol for the zodiacal sign, Pisces, and the emblem of Christianity, the religion founded at the beginning of the era. Yeshua, or to use his better known popularised name, Jesus, was the World Teacher for the Age of Pisces, but the depiction of him promulgated by the Christian churches in their canonical gospels of the New Testament and their teachings is quite inaccurate.

Yeshua would never have been a Christian, any more than the Buddha would be a Buddhist or Zarathushtra, a Zoroastrian. He had no need for popes, bishops, or priests, nor their privileges nor abstruse rituals. His message for the Piscean Age was clear: universal brotherhood, love and equality. All human beings are equal Sons of God and have equal access to Him.

We find God, not by looking outside ourselves or through the intermediaries of ecclesiastical authorities, but by living true brotherhood and letting the love within us out to embrace all. Our Divinity is found within us and the Path of Return is living that Divinity in the temporal world; Yeshua’s words here could hardly be more definite; ‘the Kingdom of God is within you' (Luke 17:21), though the Christian churches have done their utmost over the last two millennia to re-interpret and corrupt this simple teaching.

Christianity, especially in perhaps its most corrupt form, the Roman Catholic Church, has worked tirelessly to debauch and warp the simple teachings of Yeshua in order to justify their lust for privilege, wealth and temporal power. They have portrayed him as special, as the only Divine being incarnated into the flesh, the only Son of God who died for us sinners so we can be saved. This is certainly a very useful fiction for the Christian churches to justify their ecclesiastical authority structures as the necessary intermediaries through their prayers and sacraments to salvation, but it is a complete lie. No one can save us; we save ourselves. We are all equally Sons of God, no different in our essence from Yeshua. The only difference is that he lived, like all the other great teachers of the Lineage such as Hermes, Zarathushtra, Krishna, the Buddha, Pythagoras, etc, in such a way that he could live his Divine essence in the temporal world here on earth: in short, he lived soulfully.

If we lived as Yeshua, we would be as Yeshua; no different in essence, because his Soul and our Souls are identical as outpourings of the One Soul co-created by God that ensouls us all.

Yeshua’s core message for us in the Piscean Age was brotherhood, love and equality. Hence, unlike Krishna and Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha who were born into royal families and hence clearly distinct and privileged on the temporal level, Yeshua was born into a family of very ordinary means and background. And in the way he lived on a temporal day to day basis, he was first and foremost an ordinary man of the people; he and his family lived life like normal people – they were not carrying a heavy burden of his being the World Teacher on their shoulders. Further, while Christianity likes to portray Yeshua as the sole bearer of the new message of brotherhood and equality, this too is a falsehood.

While Yeshua was the focaliser of the Ageless Wisdom at this time, other initiates around him, such as his wife, Magdalena, and Peter and other disciples, also had important roles to play. He was given the role along with the disciples, of which there were many and not just the assumed twelve, to teach the law of God: live true brotherhood, hold each other in love. It was about group work at its best; the community around him supported him in this purpose. Not theological doctrine, but simply the truth of love and its expression in brotherhood. He brought to his era the true notions of group work and family – the virtues of working together to evolve – which is quite different to what Christianity has presented about him, that he was the only one, and indeed the only one true Divine one as the Son of God.

The truth is that we are all Sons of God, equally so, and all destined to return to Him, as the Prodigal Son returns to his loving Father’s embrace, through our own choices, there being none saved nor damned. This is what Yeshua taught – a simple and loving teaching that has been corrupted and falsified for two thousand years by the Christian churches to legitimise their tyrannical, abusive and degenerate hold upon humanity.

In Yeshua’s time, the general populace had an uneasy relationship with power. Power was assumed to lie naturally with the temporal hierarchies and authorities of the day – kings, emperors, politicians and Pharisees; this was indeed a predisposition that the Church itself seized upon to establish its own power, authority and temporal hierarchies after it became the official religion of the Roman Empire in the early fourth century. People were disempowered from knowing their true selves, and a strong consciousness dictated that from birth allegiance was owed and deference due to those in positions of authority and power.

Yeshua cut through this consciousness, showing that no one and nothing is more powerful than the man or woman who lives connected to their Soul, and that true power comes from within and is never wielded over or above any other, unlike the corruption and abuse of authority that was ravaging society in his time and has continued to do so since.

Yeshua turned this false understanding of power on its head, presenting the fact that true power lies within each of us and not in the corrupt institutions and their leaders. Though not actually an historical event, and contrary to what is reported in the New Testament, the story of the three kings at Yeshua’s nativity communicates this underlying revelation on the topic of power: that those at the height of temporal authority and power would choose to kneel at the feet of an unadorned infant without titles or position, but someone who would in his life come to embody the true power of his Soul.

In the environment in which Yeshua lived, an individual man would not have been able to present in the way a World Teacher can today; hence the emphasis on dispersal of the teaching through group work. The Pharisees were jealous of him, and the Imperial authorities of Rome would have reacted to any man with a following, so conditions required that Yeshua taught his message in quite a different way than Zarathushtra or the Buddha. The Imperial authorities did not react or see Yeshua as a threat, and in fact the Romans loved him; Roman soldiers and officials would often come into his carpentry shop to talk with him. Rather than presenting or preaching to multitudes being his primary focus – again as falsely depicted in the gospels, he actually did very little of that – his way of teaching was plain and simple: you would meet him at the local market or visit him in his shop. He lived the fact that leading an impulse to ground the Ageless Wisdom does not mean you have to be a presenter or the highest initiate of a group. The attack on him was a forceful retaliation from evil: Yeshua brought everything that had been lived up until that time, by the Essenes and all other esoteric and occult movements throughout history, and lived it out in the world for all to see. He was the bridge between all the Ageless Wisdom that had been lived in the past and the embodiment of that in a physical body – bringing the light of the Soul, love, into the body, yet living that in a seemingly very ordinary life in the temporal world. It is for this reason that Yeshua’s crucifixion would have come as a shock to many: most would have thought, ‘who is this person being crucified?’ A lot of people didn’t know about Yeshua because he lived such a normal life; only later did he become well known, after all the lies were created that corrupted his very simple message.

But in Truth evil failed in its intent, because Yeshua perfectly fulfilled his role here on earth, and there was no true loss – in fact, everything was allowed to unfold as it did.

What happened to him was utterly barbaric and vile, yet it was important for people to see this – to see the reality of the evil that in fact runs our world, and which people allowed to perpetuate through their compliance and comfort – and the familiar force of jealousy through the Pharisees and the other religious authorities at that time. They saw that here was a very wise man who had an amazing connection with Truth and Divinity, but who lived so simply and openly, in comparison to the immense arrogance and delusions of elitism of the Pharisees and other religious authorities – the holier-than-thou attitude justifying privilege that they were stuck in. Even the Essenes were run by such illusion, albeit to a lesser extent, because they had the pride of the practitioner – that an initiate is somehow ‘better’ or more advanced than the rest of humanity. This was completely contrary to the absolute equality that Jesus taught, that all of us can and are to live every day straightforwardly as a practitioner of life. Yeshua accomplished the specific role he had to do: to show everyone how simple it can be to live the light of the Soul, love, and, as a member of the Essene community, to draw the Essenes out of their insularity, to show them the fact that they needed to live as a group that was embracing of all of humanity rather than being a closed, withdrawn community of practitioners seeking their own release from the snares of the temporal world. In the end, all of humanity must evolve, no one can be left behind, and the Essenes needed to open to that fundamental Truth of brotherhood, Yeshua’s core message to us all.

But the Essenes prior to Yeshua had not been in any way unique or negligent. Up until the time of Yeshua, the Path of Initiation had been different: people willing to reconnect with their Soul needed to retreat to some extent from humanity and strike out on a highly disciplined way of life, away from the apparent snares and desires of temporal life.

Typically they had to live two lives within the one life: first, as the life of a householder and then after, withdrawal from the world in the life of a renunciate, a model of living still recommended in Hinduism for instance. But what Yeshua brought was the new Plan, one which challenged this older paradigm under which the Essenes still laboured. He rejected this claim of two worlds, the temporal one of the layperson and the sacred one of the Divinely ordained religious practitioner – a dichotomy which, unfortunately and certainly against Yeshua’s view, has been ensconced in Christianity and clearly entrenched in other religions like Buddhism. Yeshua taught humanity to make it one world, to see that there is just one life. The new Plan was not about separatism and religious elites, those supposedly closer to Divinity; rather we evolve as one world, one humanity.

Everyone is equal, everyone is a Son of God. No one gets any special treatment and no one is in essence closer to God than anyone else; we are all Souls of the One Soul. Therefore it does not matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing; exactly the same potential of evolution and connection back to our Divinity is available to all.

All that matters is the love and the connection you hold in your inner heart and your openness to sharing that without any expectations of others. This understanding was a game-changer in the unfolding of the Ageless Wisdom and the Divine Plan for humanity, and it was Yeshua who was the focaliser of the delivery of this new direction of the Plan. Furthermore, in keeping with this teaching, Yeshua returned in his next life as Apollonius of Tyana, a Greek philosopher, healer and teacher. This was more of a presenting life, in which his focus was more on doing healings and teaching, further spreading and reinforcing this message of universal brotherhood and love and our responsibility to work for the evolution of all of us in the Path of Return to our Divine source. We are all equal, all of the One, so no one can be left behind.

It was the alchemy of Yeshua that ignited people so deeply. If someone walked into his shop not seeing or reading life clearly, Yeshua would just mention a few simple things – ‘have you tried this or that?’ – and the person would walk out seeing the Truth. This is the meaning behind such stories as Yeshua healing the blind. The word got out that there was this incredibly wise man who was saying such profound things, a wisdom far beyond anything the Pharisees or other religious authorities could offer, and this triggered the fury of jealousy within them, bringing in that devastating force that allowed vile evil to have its way.

By that point Yeshua was more out in the open as a teacher, but for a long time he had just been living a quiet and simple life, like a quite ordinary unremarkable man, working in his shop, raising a family of three daughters. He delivered the next transmission of the Plan by not actually teaching or presenting very much, but simply by just living it; in this way Yeshua is quite different from earlier teachers of the Lineage like Hermes, Zarathustra, Pythagoras or the Buddha. That’s what was needed at the time, and in fact, his own religious community in which he had studied and been taught, the Essenes, actually had more of a problem with his message than humanity did: they got challenged by what he was bringing through and living. They wanted it to be bigger than this; they were searching for that transcendence, the illusion that salvation is an ultimate form of bliss, an escape from life.

But it was all so simple: it was just about life, True love and the True family of universal brotherhood. In many respects, he was just a husband and a father, but in those roles he was able to model for all of us his profound message of love and brotherhood. And in that simplicity there was a lot of power because it broke a whole wealth of illusions in the world at that time. It brought absolute equality. Through the alchemy and the message he was bringing, what he showed and told the world was that the homeless man on the street, the thief, the prostitute, the corrupt priest or official, are all equally Sons of God and are always only a step away from their True Divine source.

The esoteric community of his time and many since were so identified with what we have got to do and be – to do all of these arduous tasks and to work at it with discipline; to live in a prescribed certain way and to remove ourselves from humanity – but he exposed the illusion of all of that and showed all how simple it could be.

It is no coincidence that of all the great teachers of the Lineage, Yeshua is put up on a pedestal and portrayed as being The One, when he was in fact the complete opposite, the least ‘out there’ of all World Teachers over the ages. He was not a Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha or a Pythagoras, and even Peter did more in terms of teaching and presenting the work in a public platform than he did. Only in his following life as Apollonius of Tyana did he appear as a Lineage teacher of the Ageless Wisdom in that mould. In his life Yeshua was the complete opposite of what the world has come to deify him as.

The world has made him into a symbol, and his so-called followers claim him as the sole incarnated representative of Divinity on earth ever in its history, but his true power lay in what he offered the world by way of alchemy, the power of what he broke down in people, including the pride and self-deception of the Essenes. The Essenes did accomplish incredible things as a community, but there was an element of ‘us and them’, an attitude of ‘the world will eventually come to us’, ‘we are the saviours of the world’. But no one can save the world, nor indeed another person; we save ourselves by our alignment and in the end all of humanity will align to their True Divine nature and save themselves.

What Yeshua taught was simply – align to that Divine essence inside of you, take it out into the world and live it in everyday life, and by that you save yourself and offer yourself by reflection to others to follow your example without any expectations.

This is exactly his answer to the young man who asks him how can he expedite his return to God. Yeshua says (Matthew 19:21); ‘if you would be perfect, go sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.’ Give up one’s attachment to the temporal world and its snares, the ‘possessions’, but share in love and brotherhood and follow the example of Yeshua and you will be rewarded with the Kingdom of God. So simple, but we have failed dismally for two thousand years to follow this humble teaching.

Yeshua did go through a period of training among the Essenes and with other teachers, but for him there was very little identification with being a ‘somebody’ or with his role in the Plan. Part of the reason he was such a committed initiate and servant of God is that he was very settled with being a ‘nobody’. For many people, power is a big issue: to think or feel you have power, you have to be in a position of authority, you have to be high up somewhere, and that was so rife in humanity at the time. You had to be a ‘someone’ to have any power at all; you could not be a simple person and have equal power. What Yeshua brought has allowed so many people to initiate of their own accord, to rediscover and come into their own power, and this has led humanity to a different place, so everyone is now a messiah, a deliverer by example of their livingness from the snares of the temporal world and its illusions. This is because of what he brought.

The lie was to make it all about Yeshua, making him the only Son of God, and this was evil’s aim, first through Paul of Tarsus, who effectively brought through an entirely twisted version of Yeshua’s life and work, and later through the bishops and popes of the church, who introduced the abstruse and obfuscatory theological doctrines which have defined Christianity and continue to do so today.

Evil’s intent was to subvert the message by making Yeshua ‘The One’, the only Divine one, the only Son of God, and by further claiming that Yeshua uniquely had a state of purity, being born without sin and hence by his death redeeming all of us sinners, an unattainable quality that no one has or could ever achieve. It also used this doctrine as a cover to justify the creation of a whole super-stratum of people – popes, bishops, priests, etc. – who were deemed somehow closer to this assumed state of grace and could act as intermediaries for the rest of us, the fallen sinners who are redeemed by their actions continually cleansing our recurring sins. This is nothing but a total fallacy and simply a tyrannical means of wielding power and domination over people to extract wealth and demand prestige.

Yeshua’s equality and commitment to humanity, like many other principles and teachings of his life, has been corrupted and turned on its head into a reinterpretation which communicates the message of supremacy and separation, rather than that of love.

The teaching of Holy Water, for instance, has been twisted into a so-called blessing which can only be conferred by one deemed worthy by the temporal authorities of the Church, in complete opposite to the true energetic teaching that anyone who touches water in the quality of his or her Divine essence heals all who come into contact with the water.

What Yeshua brought was the everydayness of God, the perfect balance of ordinary and extraordinary. There are traces of that Truth left in some of the gospels, notably the Gospel of Thomas and a few other Gnostic gospels. The canonical four gospels of the New Testament have been heavily redacted and revised by the corrupt hand of the Church over the centuries and must be read with careful energetic discernment, though of the four, the Gospel of John is perhaps the closest to the Truth of Yeshua’s message. Not surprisingly it too was held suspect for a while by the authorities of the Church, due to its apparent Gnostic influences.

The people that came into contact with Yeshua were so deeply touched because he was such a loving person. This is his message, which remains the case for us today: we can heal others and change their lives just in the way that we meet and speak with people.

In meeting a man so open and loving as Yeshua, people were allowed to see that there is at least one deeply loving and caring person in the world, and this permitted them to let go of their protection and guardedness. It was such encounters that represented the true miracles, and not the deeply reinterpreted miracles of the gospels, which bear true relevance only through their symbolism and symbolic meanings. In Yeshua’s time and as mostly today, to be truly met was so foreign to people: you were treated according to your class and station in life. If you were in a position of authority, you had honour and respect; if you didn’t, you were treated in a different, harsher way. Yet Yeshua spoke to and treated everyone in exactly the same loving and deeply respectful way, seeing all as equal Sons of God, and thus blew the illusion of social status and prestige apart. Everyone was met with love, everyone was the same, even the corrupt religious authorities and bureaucrats, as he knew they were just the same as everyone else. When you are deeply touched by someone like this, someone you have never met before, but they are completely loving and open to you, it is like being resurrected from the dead.

The essence of Yeshua’s lived equality was deeply embodied: if you are coming from a consciousness of class, separateness and supremacy, you are not coming from your body, and therefore there can be no connection with it.

Without connection to the body, you cannot come from love; but it is not possible to put yourself above another if you are connected to your body. This is because – as Yeshua’s life communicates – when you are connected with your body, how could you not be equal to all others, as your body is the same as all others; peel away the overcoat of skin and hair and everyone looks the same. And this was the kind of understanding people would feel with him, and they were freed from lifetimes of misery from the pursuit of supremacy and separation.

It was deeply felt in their body, but for Yeshua it was simply; ‘You are an equal Son of God, did you know that?’

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