Serge Benhayon: The truth of who we are

Serge Benhayon: The truth of who we are

Serge Benhayon: The truth of who we are

Truth is a quality of the Soul and as such resides deep within us all. Yet there have always been those that shy away from the truth. This is so because in the presence of Truth, all that is not of this love and this light is immediately exposed for the lie that it is and shows us the degree to which we as humans have not only drifted away from such truth, but also allowed ourselves to become identified with the many ill ways of being that are not of our essence and that we have moved into place to mask it.

Put simply, we find truth ‘hard to digest’ when we become aware that we are choosing to be fed full of a way of living that runs counter to who we truly are at great expense to the health of our bodies and our beings.

Serge Benhayon is a man who is not afraid of the truth. This is because he has made it his living way to walk with the fullness of his true self – his Soul – in a very earthly and temporal sense. Such a person has nothing to hide because they are able to live from this innate essence without needing to bury it beneath layers of what is not true. Because there is nothing to hide there are no self-imposed barriers in place, hence there is nothing to defend. Truth is truth because it comes with this gorgeous transparency and zero protection.

Those who are averse to hearing the truth are those of us that are uncomfortable admitting how very little of our true self we are actually living. Deep down we all have this marker for truth, for it is found in every cell of our body. Therefore, due to the body’s incredible communication/feedback system as well as our innate clairsentient abilities (the ability to read what is of our essence or not), we all register to what degree we either move with Truth, or against it.

When we move with the essence of who we are we feel vital, expansive, joyful and alive. When we move counter to it we feel miserable, contracted, lifeless and dull, albeit in the guise of seeming happiness and contentment (numbness) on the surface. These movements are reflected in our body, so that a body that is living in-line with what the inner essence is impulsing it to live will feel much lighter and healthier than a body that is burdened with a way of living that is not in harmony with this.

In order to resist the very natural emanation of Truth, we need to call in a false way of being. Enter lies – and a multitude of them – twisting and turning in labyrinthine complexity in order to offset the simplicity of truth.

Some of us choose to focus on these false markings and ignore truth so as to carry on living in a way that is familiar to how we have always chosen to live, because this familiarity offers a certain degree of comfort that we mistake as ‘normal’ simply because it is what we have always done, and furthermore is what the vast majority of others are doing, so we tell ourselves this is ok and give ourselves permission to act in a way that is extremely disharmonious to the truth we feel in essence and to the Grand Order that we belong to. And because the most popular way to live in our current era is to dull our awareness to what is truly going on by way of seeking behaviours, foods, thoughts, beliefs and movements that do not support the vitality of our body and thus the expression of who we truly are, not only do we ‘play dumb’ to what is really going on, we further delay our evolution by doing so.

And this is another lie we have been comfortable living under – that evolution is some sort of straight trajectory along a fixed line with a finite end point. However, the Ageless Wisdom has never hidden the truth that human evolution is spherical, not lineal, in the sense that we are not travelling from the past to the future but more so travelling in circles over and over again until we learn from the end result of our ill choices, to choose otherwise next time around. As such, true evolution is not about improving the temporal plane in the sense that we out-do the other species we share this planet with. Nor is it the ill seeded belief that we evolved from these animals. And while we may enjoy the idea that we reign superior over such species due to our very clever ‘Star Wars know-how’, the truth remains that outside of the human mind ‘bigger, better and faster’ does not equate with true progress. Yes, technology can assist us greatly, but our evolution is not dependent on it and focussing purely on this without addressing the rampant disharmony that plagues us as a humanity leads to much illusion, as does it also create incredible delay.

The truth is that we are here to evolve back to Soul – the fiery spark of God that was breathed forth from the body of Thy Father before we separated from this Oneness and descended into form here on Earth. This means we are evolving BACK to a way of being we all know and have lived before and never are we evolving towards an end point that has not yet been reached.

We are forever being pulled back to the love that we are. Yet our history is littered with examples of people who have resisted such evolutionary pull and not wanted to receive the truth being reflected by another that is choosing to live it to the best of their ability, without perfection. As such there has been a certain degree of retaliation in an attempt to defend the ill choices made by the ‘individual’ and bury such truth so that others will not receive it and also reflect back to us the truth of who we are.

The truth that Serge Benhayon does not ever shy away from presenting is that although we are very human, we are also so much more. We are multi-dimensional beings living in physical form and as such we are vehicles of expression whose physical bodies (the 3rd dimension) can be used to either express all that we are (Soul – the 5th dimension) or all that we are not (spirit – the 4th dimension).

Due to the fact that we live here on Earth in a physical form, we are subject to the same laws that govern the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. In this sense our bodies belong to God/the Universe because we are all seeded from the same source and hence physically made of the same ‘stuff’ as all other matter in our Universe – our Universe being simply the Body of God, the Divine order that all physical forms belong and thus respond to.

As humans we have the choice to either express from this source of divinity, our Soul, OR we can express from everything that we set up to counter this that is not divine but created by the human spirit in order to resist the pull to return to such divinity (truth).

And just as the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms respond to the rhythms and cycles of nature, so too do we have access to, and are governed by, a vast intelligence that speaks the order of all things. Therefore, regardless of what we choose, our bodies will constantly receive messages from the body of true Intelligence they (we) irrevocably belong to, as well as record the resistance we call upon to not hear what has already been received. This is a clue as to why although we appear to be ‘evolving’ because our lifespans are lengthening as well as our medicines and technology getting more sophisticated, we are still sicker than ever.

Therefore the true measure for intelligence and indeed our true health is simply whether we choose to listen to such signals or override them. Thus, in any given moment and due to the great love of God and the Law of Free Will, we are given the opportunity to either honour all that is true or completely ignore it.

Since our plummet away from truth there have been various Soul-infused people who have been able to give humanity a helping hand in arising out of the mess we have created. This they have done and continue to do from great humbleness as they have also walked this path and as such could never be impulsed to help from a point of being glorified or somehow different or ‘special’. Such heavenly messengers are not here to ‘save us’ but are sent to show us that we save ourselves. They are our fellow equal Brothers who live in a way that serves to awaken us all to the truth that we are all the equal Sons of God, no more and no less than them.

Serge Benhayon is one such humble servant. His great love for humanity and deep understanding of the vast Intelligence (God) that we are an intrinsic part of means that by virtue of his lived way and without an ounce of ‘self’ blocking the way, he is able to assist us to return to our true normal and Soul-full state that sadly is still so far from what we consider ‘normal’. This way of being is our true way. It is The Way of The Livingness.

As he is one who has reclaimed in full the light of his Soul, and has with loving dedication prepared his physical body over many lives to receive such wisdom by way of understanding that wisdom comes through us and never from us, Serge Benhayon is able to assist others who also choose to return to this, our most natural expression, by virtue of the fact that he deeply understands how to use his vehicle (human body) as a vessel that can be moved by the greater Intelligence (God) that is communicating to us all.

This voice does not speak to a ‘select few’ or the ‘chosen ones’, it lives and breathes in all of us but we are so busy drowning it out with love-less ways of being that seek to keep us identified as an ‘individual’ – the lonely fragment that has walked away from the Whole that is the Soul and is deeply lost in the glamour of such an ill seeded excursion – that we can no longer hear the wisdom of God that forever calls us back home to the Oneness we departed from.

When the human form is honoured as a vessel for the Divine and not a dumping ground for temporal indulgences, Heaven will be revealed once more and man and woman will see the truth of who they are.

Until we do this for ourselves, let us not close our eyes to the reflection on offer from those who have done so for themselves and thus us all, for they are simply lighting the way back home to a truth we deeply know and will live again once more.

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