Desire is a seeking of individuality

Desire is a seeking of individuality

"It is better to know that you are indeed a subject of energy, hence the true freedom to choose the right and true energy you are originally from, than to separate from your true light and be at the mercy of the energy that will give you everything you desire, but never the real Divine you."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 759

Our Audio of the Month for May 2017 introduces us to a whole other way to look at the word Desire. What do stubbornness and desire have in common and what do they have to do with excitement, self-doubt, control, emptiness, happiness, sympathy, anger, isolation and individuality?

You can find the answers and much to ponder in this short and powerful audio.

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Desire is a seeking of individuality

The science of how desire is created to bring isolation and individuality.

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