How men and women avoid being the love that they are

How men and women avoid being the love that they are

Our December 2015 Audio of the month highlights why we feel the need to search for love outside ourselves. Everyone is looking for love, but could we be missing the love we already have naturally within? In seeking love outside, when we do not find it, we get hurt, and men and women behave differently when hurt. This audio reveals the reasons why and how we can reconnect to the love that we already are.

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How men and women avoid being the love that they are

We are a living form of love, harmony, joy and stillness but that is not how we live so we feel uneasy and our bodies suffer. This talk presents in detail ways and reasons we avoid being the love we already are and also throws light on how we react to rejection and seek recognition.

"The truth is, your deepest hurt came from the first step to not be you. Hence, in-truth, you are never deeply hurt by another’s harm-full ways, for their harm, is a reflection of leaving something behind that is so amazing that it hurts to have walked away from it.
Ponder on this."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 183

Further Reading and Listening

This article explores living practically with “Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility”, how that looks and what it means. A quote from the article:

“It is a responsibility as human beings to be our natural selves, to love, care and nurture ourselves fully, to not slight or hurt or bring ourselves or others down. We can honour being truthful and seeing all as equal.”

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