Living harmoniously with your partner 24/7

Living harmoniously with your partner 24/7

"Form relationships from love for love and not to relieve hurts or fill needs."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 517

How would you feel about living 24/7 with someone?

Do you imagine you would get along and it would be harmonious?

People marry their chosen partners because they love them and want to live with them, so why then do they find it so hard to be together all the time in a truly loving way?

What would happen if we didn’t hold back our love and just let it out without expectation?

This audio looks at how and why we fool ourselves and hold back in our relationships and how it is not only possible to live 24/7 in a relationship but natural.

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Getting along 24-7 in relationships

If we make relationships about love first rather than from fulfilling a need, we can live harmoniously together 24-7.

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