Our Audio of the Month for January 2016 presents ‘Something is not right’. We make many choices under the illusion of enjoyment, especially over the festive season, that we know deep down are not good for us and our body is telling us so. We have rising illness and disease, especially diabetes, yet we continue to eat and drink unhealthily.

We make New Year’s resolutions to combat the choices we have made because we know our body cannot continue the way we have been asking it to.

This audio presents an opportunity to really ponder on why we are not asking ourselves the right questions, what is really going on, and why are we not questioning the way we are living?

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Something is not right

The body cannot lie and it is clearly telling us that something is very wrong - so why are we not listening or asking the right questions?

"The question therefore remains and is constantly beckoning – if we are intelligent, why does it all appear to be working, but in-truth, the illnesses and diseases are rising, the war and fighting continue in many places, and the alcohol and the drugs and the evil abound? If true well-being is an indicator, man is but merely existing, supported by pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, distraction and numbness, and hence not truly living the life that is natural to a Son of God."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 291

Further Listening and Reading

Our August Audio of the Month presented how “If everything is energy, then everything is because of energy” (Serge Benhayon) and what the “because” means to us personally.

"The real cures to our illnesses and woes will come when we can energetically understand and live in accordance to the immutable fact that all life happens because of energy. And thus, that we are here to evolve energetically and not materially or even physically as human beings. We are here to evolve our expression. Yes, our ability to express who we truly are. Evolution is therefore based on expression and thus on our ability to lovingly and harmoniously interact with one another."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 531

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