More to us than just the physical

More to us than just the physical

"The world makes us to be in such a way that we are taken away from our inner-heart when we are young as a result of the fact that few can ever meet us there. It is not the fault of any parent, for they too were not met."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, ed 1, p 302

One of the worst things we can experience is not being met and particularly so as children. But what does it mean to be truly met?

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More to us than just the physical

Essential to parenting, Serge Benhayon reveals one vital part that has been missing from our childhood experience.

"If we took the view that we are multidimensional, we would naturally honour the extent of sensitivity we are sensitive to."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness Volume III, ed 1, p 568

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