Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness – volume III

Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness – Volume III

Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness – volume III

If life on earth as we know and live it was truly successful all around, i.e. for everyone wherever they live, and right across the board – all the way from illness, disease and mental health statistics to the non-existence of family violence, the absence of abject poverty to decadent if not obscene opulence – we might not need these reminders in the form of teachings and revelations from The Ageless Wisdom. We would still use and appreciate them for the confirmation they bring to us, but we would be living the teachings and our livingness would support the unfolding of the ensuing revelations.

But as things stand in the world today, this is not the case. Far from it. Instead of absence and non-existence we are faced with ever-worsening health and crime statistics right across the globe and including here the thriving business of slavery, reinvented and spin-doctored under the slick and callous term ‘human trafficking’. The word ‘depravity’ comes to mind while we are busy patting ourselves on the back for technical and medical advances and the ability to check out wherever and whenever and, for some, forever or at least for this life, whether that be via the many on screen offerings or the withdrawal from the world and humanity in general.

As in everything presented by Serge Benhayon and The Ageless Wisdom, the premise is that, as long as we ignore the factor of spirit and Soul and live in the illusion that our intelligence is it and this one life is all there is, we only ever de-light in quick fixes and clever solutions rather than face how things really are, leave alone come together to get to the true answers. To date, we don’t even ask the right questions but are happy to be placated by hope, ever-improving technology and the latest gadgets.

This third volume in this series of intermittently compiled and published offerings from the unfathomable depth and breadth of the Ageless Wisdom has been put together from email communications, from books, published and not yet published, and from workshop notes and presentations.

This time around, topics more specifically covered are as diverse and ever pertinent to daily life and the purpose and mastery of life on earth as Sociology – Psychology – Medicine & Healing – Education – Love & Relationships – The Process and Path of Evolution – Multidimensional Health & Wholebody-Mindedness – Evil and Its Attempt to Have Its Way – Science, Energy & Quantum Advance of Intellect – Esoteric Humour & Witticism as well as entries from guest contributors and a concluding article titled ‘Serge Benhayon and the Alchemy of Language’.

In the author’s note we are offered the fact that “we live in multiple energy fields and hence everything affects everything”. And furthermore, that “we will once again return to the delicacy of True Movement and by that True Communication, the act of moving Wisdom from one vehicle (body) to another”.

And just such a movement of wisdom from one body to another and to many bodies this book is, on every one of its 717 pages and with every single teaching and revelation.

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  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

    Working as an editor of Serge Benhayon’s as well as other books and material – when I am not at my ‘day job’ – is a huge and very rewarding part of the amazing way I now live thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd