Breast cancer awareness month – is there more to current breast awareness?

Breast cancer awareness month – is there more to current breast awareness?

Breast cancer awareness month – is there more to current breast awareness?

Yes ladies, it's that month again, October, where pink ribbons are popping up everywhere and our attention is being asked to focus much more intently on our breast awareness including self-breast checks.

It's not that many of us actually need a reminder as mostly we are very aware that breast cancer can strike at any time and that it doesn't seem to discriminate.

I don't know about you, but I used to be quite slack in my commitment to regular self-breast checks even in light of my fear of breast cancer.

Actually I tended to avoid touching my breasts at all costs. They were just two lumps on my chest that would have their day in the sun to be used for breastfeeding and in my sexual relationship. The only other time that I gave them any attention was when breast cancer awareness month rolled around or when something hurt in that area which would then panic me into instantly diagnosing myself with breast cancer.

Then once November arrived I would go back to my non-touch and a general indifference to my breasts until the next breast awareness month of October rolled around.

I am sure I am not alone in this approach, which is interesting as none of us are too keen on being diagnosed with breast cancer and know that early detection is recommended to have the best chance of surviving the disease.[1]

Of course there are also women who do commit to regular breast checks in the effort to be breast aware and to find any changes in their look and feel in order to catch the dreaded breast cancer early.

The common factor in both these approaches is that our breasts only get our attention out of fear of having breast cancer, instead of from seeing our breasts as a part of our bodies that we can touch and care for – no different to our face or hair – and treat as an equal part of our own daily body care routine.

You may be thinking – why do we even need to pay particular attention to our breasts by having a breast care routine? What would lead us to change the pattern of ignoring our breasts or checking them only from the fear of finding something wrong with them?

The big change occurred for me when I decided to have my first series of Esoteric Breast Massages, which was a little confronting at the start because, as you know, my breasts didn't get out much and definitely had a selected guest list for who touched them.

So why would a woman who felt like this even have a breast massage?

Answer: the treatment was listed as being related to self-nurturing and at that stage I knew I had absolutely no idea what that looked like, but I knew I was completely drained from caring for everyone else in my life so learning about self-nurturing was a no-brainer.

The first massage was so incredible that I committed to having them regularly as I really knew learning to self-nurture was a key to truly changing my health and wellbeing. This deeply supportive therapy (where a female practitioner lovingly massages different areas of the breasts) allowed me to uncover things about myself that I had no idea existed. After getting through some negative feelings I held about myself, I started to connect to an inner beauty, a delicateness and a love for myself that was a long lost connection. In feeling this quality within myself, I did discover how to self-nurture, which changed how I approached everything I do and only continues to change and deepen with each new Esoteric Breast Massage.

A natural extension of my daily breast care routine now involves lovingly touching my breasts with some lovely massage cream –– not to look for something wrong with them (although I found committing to this routine super supportive in my own breast awareness), but as a part of what it means to nurture me.

We all have an opportunity to change our approach to breast cancer and breast awareness by embracing what it means to develop true breast care.

Breast care no longer needs to be based on fear or neglect but instead on the understanding that caring for our breasts is about deepening our connection to the amazing qualities we each hold as women through our ability to truly nurture ourselves. And that it is this ability to nurture ourselves that supports us in making and sustaining loving lifestyle choices (because we truly know in ourselves that we deserve nothing less) that could be another key contributing factor or step toward reducing the risk of a breast cancer diagnosis.

"Lack of self-nurturing is now a significant global problem and in particular for women, and it is the actual energetic cause of breast cancer and its ill rise in our societies everywhere"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 518


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