The beauty and true anatomy of the clitoris – what it beholds is far beyond female sexual pleasure

How can we have stayed in the dark so long about the wonder of our amazing clitoris?

The beauty and true anatomy of the clitoris – what it beholds is far beyond female sexual pleasure

In 2009 a group of French doctors dedicated to treating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) made a 3D sonography of the stimulated clitoris, capturing what Australian Urologist, Dr Helen O’Connell[1] noted way back in 1998: the small bud we have known as the clitoris is actually just the minimal external part of your amazing clitoristhree quarters of it is internal within the pelvic area in a size comparable to that of the penis.

With the most nerve sensors of any organ (over 8000 – close to double the number found on the head of the penis), what is more astounding is that this fact is a surprise and not general knowledge. The facts of the clitoris in general are absent from – or incorrectly or incompletely represented – in anatomy books, medical texts and mainstream education. The anatomy of Female pleasure is largely un-investigated, suggesting it doesn’t matter, is not needed, or even that it is inappropriate and incompatible with our picture of women.

What do we women actually know about our amazing clitoris and why is there such a brutal practice of female genital mutilation[2] happening still in our world, with in excess of 125 million girls and women alive today having been cut in the 29 African and Middle Eastern countries where FGM is concentrated alone?[3] Between ignorance and mutilation, there is a remarkable organ waiting for our appreciation and understanding.

A woman’s worth and her clitoris

Our limited understanding of the clitoris is due in no small part to the invisibility of female sexuality over the last 2000 years and, outside of our ability to bear children, our sense of the wonder and beauty of women and the depth of pleasure our bodies can hold by design is misunderstood at best, often actively discouraged and generally unknown.

"Women carry the light that proves we are all from God. Crush that light and we will never know it."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 545

One way to crush the light is to abuse the female form that holds it – as FGM, ignorance and misinformation, along with a general disinterest about the female body and what it holds – continue to do.

‘Key of Life’?

From the incredible 3-D Sonography image in this link, we can see just how large your amazing clitoris is (yellow shaded organ), and how its shape is not unlike both the female gender symbol and the Egyptian ankh, known as the ‘key of life’.

Yet, despite the wonder of this chalice, life-holding shaped organ, which is a part of the most sacred area of a woman, it has been:

  • Unknown in its true form until a few years ago – a discovery that, like its subject, has gone largely unnoticed
  • Under-researched (even though male pleasure has been extensively investigated), while the spotlight of research on female sexuality focuses on conception and reproduction
  • Underrated, as shown by our general ignorance of the sensory pleasure it offers with all those thousands of nerve endings, present not by accident but by design
  • Abused and mis-used for functional stimulation, leaving the true sacredness of a woman found within the cervix unexplored, and thus limiting the potential for women to connect to the internal and eternal essence of life beyond physical fertility and into the realms of conception with the divine – that is our connection to the light we carry within that truly is the key to life.

It seems we have learned to forget the wonder and sacredness of women. To feel and enjoy the true pleasure, warmth, stillness and fertile preciousness we hold in our body is something that, far from being wrong or dirty or reserved for reproduction, is part of our essence and it flows into the way we move, communicate and conduct ourselves in daily life: full, sexy, gorgeous and powerful from the inside out.

As women have we dissociated ourselves from the power of our innate feminine sexiness and the amazing physical pleasure our body offers in favour of demure or masculine roles, personas and sexual expressions that match neither our bodies nor our naturally deeply sacred nature?

It seems there is much more to women’s bodies than we have allowed ourselves to appreciate or even admit to. What if the clitoris is a part of a much greater picture, a part of something amazing like the ‘key of life’; would we look deeper and explore the way this part of the female anatomy is to be treated? If this whole area were symbolically like a chalice, holding the flowing sacredness we bring as women, would it be held with a much higher regard?

Understanding and knowing more about your amazing clitoris is part of cracking the diminishing ways of the spell we’ve lived under, and this is but only beginning, the innate sacredness equal in all women is held within the cervix. To harm, mis-use, and or misrepresent any aspect of the female anatomy is an interfering wedge between a much needed deeper connection and understanding.

As we start to connect back to ourselves, the world once again begins to see, feel and be graced by the divine beauty and wisdom our essence brings and our body knows.


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