The cervix – so much more than biology!

The Hidden Importance of the Cervix in Women’s Health

The cervix – so much more than biology!

Having been re-introduced to the cervix at a recent women’s health presentation, I realised that even though I was a 46-year-old woman, I barely knew exactly where it was or what it did. To me it was reserved for biological matters of conception and outside of that it was ‘just there’. I knew there was cervical mucus happening during my monthly cycle, but being aware of the changes in the mucus and what the different consistencies, colourations and durations meant was never of any interest to me. If anything, I was embarrassed by the mucus my body produced and resented how it made things messy.

A little research reveals that physically the cervix is like a donut with a dimple in the centre that opens up to let out menstrual blood… or a baby (ouch)… and to let sperm in. During the monthly cycle the cervix changes – hardening, moving up and down – and discharges vaginal fluids. I realise I can feel where it is when I do pelvic floor exercises and its location is clearly central in the pelvic area.

There is much more to this little package than its biology.

When I began to feel my cervix, to stop and pay attention to it, I became aware of this epicentre inside me. It is like the cervix is the unknown centre of the female form – a powerful ‘on button’ for a woman’s body. I’m not talking about sexual stimulation but connection to a part of the body that once made, sends out a call to the rest of the body to hold itself and to move with exquisite poise, presence and absolute grace. It is out of this world . . . but so simple.

Connecting to my cervix changed the way I wanted to carry myself, the quality I felt in my body and posture. I discovered I could feel delicate and strong at the same time.

It also showed me how tight, hard and stiff some areas of my body were and that as I moved they began to loosen – especially as I moved my hips. This may all sound strange – but why not allow yourself to observe what happens when you take the time to feel the cervical area within your own body as you stand, sit, exercise, move around, drive the car, and begin to notice what happens within you as you start to bring awareness to this forgotten place.

It is tragic that the beauty of the cervix and its superstar status is largely unknown to us and at best restricted to its reproductive role alone. Perhaps the discoveries yet to be made about the cervix and why it is subject to cancer will involve us returning to noticing, nurturing and valuing this most precious part of the female body, in full appreciation of its power to unfold the woman within us all and her exquisite, delicate, sexy femaleness.

Getting to know 'your' cervical mucus cycle and being aware of ovulation is just as important as getting to know and being aware of your bleeding time. – See more at: Natural fertility awareness – the marvels of cervical mucus that every woman should know

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